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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21



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Posted 2011 Dec 7

Downeast LNG is Now
>>> 2 YEARS & 5 MONTHS Late <<<
Answering FERC's Technical Questions

The due date was 2009 July 6

How much longer will FERC
tolerate Downeast LNG's deadline abuse?



Posted 2011 Nov 29
Updated 2011 Dec 3

Calais LNG Facebook Page
Has Been Deserted


  • Links at left of info page indicate there is no owner.

  • There is no link to a Calais LNG website.

Calais LNG credibility has
fallen completely off the edge of cyberspace!

Two Links in the left column of the Facebook page are:

Is this your business?

[Note: This link only shows up to users who have logged in to their Facebook accounts.]

Claim Your Business

  • You can make changes to the information in this Places Listing by turning it into a Facebook Page for your business. A Facebook Page gives you one central place to manage your business, likes, and interactions.
  • If your business already has a Facebook Page, you can combine it with this listing in the next step. People who are already connected to your Places Listing will be included with the people who are connected to your Facebook Page so you will not lose any of your existing connections.
    I certify that I am an official representative of Calais Lng.

Do you know the owner?

Do you know the owner of Calais Lng, or someone connected to this business? Enter their name or email address below and we'll send them a message to let them know how they can claim this page.

Once this announcement reaches public eyes, someone friendly to Calais LNG may adopt the page, so we've taken a screenshot.

Posted 2011 Nov 5

Governor's Office of Energy
Independence and Security

LNG Import Projects
are Bad for Maine

State Recognizes
Need for Energy Independence, and
Clean, Renewable Energy

Quoting directly from the Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security website, as of 2011 Nov 3:

"Our nation, region, and state have become dangerously dependent on unreliable, insecure, and expensive foreign oil and gas. Combustion of these fossil fuels causes climate change, damages the environment, threatens public health, undermines economic vitality, erodes national security, and diminishes our quality of life.

"The Governor’s Office of Energy Independence and Security believes Maine needs to become energy independent in the next few decades. Our energy plan will establish the steps necessary to realize this goal, maximizing use of clean, reliable, and renewable energy resources while reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change."

Visit the website: Maine Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security

Posted 2011 Nov 7

Downeast LNG is Now More Than
>>> 2 YEARS & 4 MONTHS Late <<<
Answering FERC's Technical Questions

The due date was 2009 July 6

How much longer will FERC
tolerate Downeast LNG's deadline abuse?



Posted 2011 Oct 18

FERC sets 20-day deadline
for Downeast LNG

to answer technical questions


Downeast LNG is over two years late in answering FERC's technical questions arising from the Draft Environmental Impact Statement


Read FERC's docket filing

Posted 2011 Oct 16

Passamaquoddy Bay Music™ has pre-released
its first Music CD…

Passamaquoddy Bay :: The Music ::

Passamaquoddy Bay: The Music cd

Six Maine, Passamaquoddy, and New Brunswick artists
have donated 19 works to this CD — a compilation of
original Celtic-style, maritime, Passamaquoddy, and folk.

You're going to enjoy listening to this music!

Order Your CD Today

Passamaquoddy Bay Music™ is a trademark of Save Passamaquoddy Bay.
All proceeds benefit Save Passamaquoddy Bay.

Posted 2011 Oct 16

Save Passamaquoddy Bay
had a successful experience at
The Common Ground Fair
Unity, Maine
2011 Sep 23, 24, 25

Save Passamaquoddy Bay booth at the Common Ground Fair

See our events page about it.


Posted 2011 Oct 9

Calais LNG has been Without a Project Site
for Over 1 Year

Calais LNG lost its Option to Purchase (Title, Right, or Interest — 'TRI')
its proposed terminal site at Red Beach, Calais, Maine on
2010 Sep 1

How much longer will FERC
allow Calais LNG to remain in the FERC docket?

Posted 2011 Oct 8

Downeast LNG is Now More Than
>>> 2 YEARS & 3 MONTHS Late <<<
Answering FERC's Technical Questions

The due date was 2009 July 6

How much longer will FERC
tolerate Downeast LNG's deadline abuse?



Posted 2011 Aug 1

SPB Yard Sale a Grand Success

The July 30–31 yard sale in Robbinston was a great fundraising success, despite the rain on Saturday.

A thousand thanks to all the organizers, volunteers, and donors of stuff for the sale.



Posted 2011 Jul 25

Endangered Right Whales & Finback Whales
Sighted Today in Western Passage

Several endangered and rare North Atlantic right whales, and endangered and long finback whales were sighted in Western Passage between Deer Island, NB, and Sipayik (Pleasant Point), ME.

Right whale feeding
Finback whale © 2009 Joyce Morrell

Posted 2011 Jul 25

Calais LNG Has Vacated Its Offices

Further indicating that Calais LNG is withering into oblivion, the company vacated its offices in downtown Calais prior to July 13, when the pictures below were taken. The offices are now for rent.

A handwritten sign taped to the door indicates how to contact one of the project's principals.

Former Calais LNG offices

Posted 2011 Jul 6

Downeast LNG is Now
>>> 2 YEARS Late <<<
Answering FERC's Technical Questions

The due date was 2009 July 6

How much longer will FERC
tolerate Downeast LNG's deadline abuse?



Posted 2011 Jun 13

Hess Energy Pulls Plug on
Weaver's Cove LNG Project

Vast domestic supply, lack of economic viability cited.

After nearly a decade, Hess Energy has finally pulled the plug on the Weaver's Cove Energy LNG project in Mount Hope Bay, Massachusetts (with a navigation route through Rhode Island waters). The project has faced justified and fierce opposition from federal, state, and community elected officials, as well as from the public, from both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

As with Downeast LNG, Calais LNG, and defunct Quoddy Bay LNG, the Weaver's Cove project was inappropriately sited from the outset, even according to the LNG industry's own terminal siting best safe practices as published by the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO; see link below for more).

The same natural gas oversupply and lack of project economic viability that has brought the demise of Weaver's Cove Energy apply equally — probably even more so — to Downeast LNG and Calais LNG.

Because of vast available supply and pre-existing LNG import gross-overbuild, the smart money has deserted new LNG import terminals in the United States. Now, merely three US LNG import terminal projects remain before FERCDowneast LNG, Calais LNG, and Oregon LNG.

Two additional offshore terminal projects remain at MARAD — Liberty Natural, offshore from New Jersey; and Calypso LNG, offshore from Florida.

Read the Jun 13 article in The Boston Globe…
"Hess withdraws controversial LNG Fall River proposal"

See LNG Terminal Siting Standards Organization
for more on SIGTTO LNG terminal siting best practices.

See FERC's map of proposed LNG import & export terminals.

Posted 2011 Jun 4

Calais LNG's Website
Has Vanished … AGAIN!

Maybe for good, this time.

The Calais LNG website disappeared previously (sometime before Mar 21), but after we announced its disappearance, it reappeared (sort-of) prior to Apr 14; many of its internal links led to nonexistent pages, and the site still claimed Goldman Sachs as the project's financial backer. (Goldman Sachs dropped Calais LNG on 2011 Aug 11 when it became obvious Calais LNG had no financial justification.)

Perhaps Calais LNG's developers are finally allowing themselves to realize their project has failed.

The US is in a natural gas glut, Maine has no shortage of natural gas, even FERC and the US Energy Information Administration indicate new LNG import terminals are unnecessary.

Calais LNG's dead website address:
Read the WHOIS Calais LNG domain registration information

Posted 2011 Jun 2

Our Last Reddish-brown Argenta Products
Passamaquoddy Scale Basket

Argenta Products Passamaquoddy Scalebasket

We still have a limited supply of
Green-stripe Mearl Corporation
Passamaquoddy Scale Baskets

Passamaquoddy Scalebasket - Mearl Corporation




Posted 2011 May 25

Sen. Olympia Snowe & Sen. Susan Collins,
Lobby US DOT for Downeast LNG

Both senators have submitted comments this month
to the US Department of Transportation (DOT)
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA),
urging PHMSA to expedite its safety process
related to Downeast LNG

Sen. Snow and Sen. Collins are out of touch with natural gas market realities and the safety of Maine citizens.

Sen. Snowe and Sen. Collins are lobbying to expedite an unnecessary project that is hazardous to Maine citizens and to the Maine environment.

2011 May 4 letter from Sen. Snowe, John D. Rockefeller IV, & Kay Bailey Hutchison,
PHMSA Docket Document ID: PHMSA-2011-0075-0009
2011 May 5
letter from Sen. Collins & Sen. Snowe to PHMSA,
PHMSA Docket Document ID: PHMSA-2011-0075-0011

Posted 2011 May 8

Downeast LNG is Now
>>> 1 Year & 10 Months Late <<<
Answering FERC's Technical Questions

The due date was 2009 July 6

How much longer will FERC
tolerate Downeast LNG's deadline abuse?



Posted 2011 Apr 30

US LNG Imports Decline, Exports Grow

Over the same 2-month period (Jan–Feb) between 2010 and 2011, US LNG imports have significantly fallen and exports significantly risen. Most exports are for re-exported foreign LNG that was previously imported.

72,270 mmcf
19,977 mmcf
102,226 mmcf
7,027 mmcf

A 29% decrease

A 284% increase

mmcf = million cubic feet
Source: Apr 2011 Energy Information Administration "Natural Gas Monthly" (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Posted 2011 Apr 26

>>> Only 1 Left in this color <<<

Reddish-brown Argenta Products
Passamaquoddy Scale Basket

Argenta Products Passamaquoddy Scalebasket


We still have a limited supply of
Green-stripe Mearl Corporation
Passamaquoddy Scale Baskets

Passamaquoddy Scalebasket - Mearl Corporation


Posted 2011 Apr 22

Save Passamaquoddy Bay's
Postal Address
has changed to…

Save Passamaquoddy Bay
PO Box 222
Eastport, ME 04631-0222

Former PO Box 43 is no longer valid.
The new address takes effect immediately.

Avoid postal mail being returned to you.
Please make the change in your address book right away

Posted 2011 Apr 14

It's baaaaaaack…

(sort of)

Calais LNG's website is back online

(such as it is)

The Calais LNG website is identical to what it was before it disappeared. The "under construction" message that was present for a time appears to be an attempt to disguise the basic problems with the project.

Same Lack of Veracity

Calais LNG's website still claims that the project is being financed by Goldman Sachs.
Goldman Sachs deserted Calais LNG on 2010 Aug 11.

Calais LNG still claims that their project site is 330 acres.

    Calais LNG lost access to the bulk of their site on 2010 Aug 31 when the company failed to renew its option to purchase. What remains is far too small for the project.

Calais LNG still claims…

"Current supplies of natural gas cannot keep up with projected increases in demand in the northeast,"
"LNG is the only near term option for delivering a cheaper, more reliable source of natural gas to our region."

   The US & Northeast are in a natural gas glut…

  • The massive Marcellus shale field is nearby, with over 30 pipeline projects to deliver that gas to the Northeast;
  • US natural gas production continues to provide prolific supplies;
  • The two new LNG import terminals offshore from Boston have received little-to-no LNG in the past year;
  • Distrigas LNG imports at Everett are declining;
  • Canaport LNG is operating at just 21% of capacity;
  • Dominion Cove LNG in Maryland is changing exclusively from importing to exporting.

Even Gulf Gateway Deepwater Port LNG terminal is shutting down — 116 miles offshore from Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico that began operations in 2005.

Calais LNG's website reappearance signals the developers' refusal to recognize market realities and project failure.

Here's the link to the Calais LNG website.

Posted 2011 Apr 10

— On April 6 —
Downeast LNG Became
>>> 1 Year & 9 Months <<<
(21 Months)
Late Answering FERC's Questions

Approaching a two-year inability to answer FERC, and with the reversal in the US natural gas supply and market, all should be abundantly clear…

Downeast LNG has an unviable project.

It is time for Downeast LNG or FERC to pull the plug.

FERC's deadline for answers was 2009 July 6.

Posted 2011 April 5

Distrigas LNG Import Volume Dropping

Imports declined nearly 10% between 2008 and 2010


  • Canaport LNG is operating at just 21% of capacity;
  • Northeast Gateway has not received LNG since 2010 February;
  • Neptune LNG has received only two shipments over the past year.

Downeast LNG has no valid argument for its project.

Total volume of LNG received at the Everett, MA, terminal is in decline.

Here are the Distrigas LNG annual import figures:

  • 2008 — 165,325,429 Mcf
  • 2009 — 155,816,810 Mcf
  • 2010 — 148,954,253 Mcf

Mcf = Thousand cubic feet

Source: EIA

Overall 2008–2010 Distrigas LNG import decline = 9.9%



Posted 2011 Mar 21

Like Dominoes Falling Over,
Calais LNG's Website Has Vanished

(But unofficial "Calais LNG" Facebook page has appeared)

Calais LNG's website content has vanished:

  • The URL now indicates the site is "under construction" — likely a default page used by the website host when a domain still exists without a website.
  • Calais LNG lost its financial backing from Goldman Sachs because the project makes no economic sense.
  • Calais LNG lost its project site because the company has no money — because the project makes no economic sense.
  • Calais LNG left the Maine permitting process because the project has no project site and no money, because the project makes no economic sense — and had Calais LNG not voluntarily withdrawn, the state warned it would have dismissed the applications, humiliating the project even more.
  • Calais LNG is still present at FERC; however, to go forward at the federal level, the project would have to acquire funding, acquire a site, and reapply with a completely new project. Calais LNG is unlikely to find financial backing, because an LNG import project makes no economic sense.

Someone other than Calais LNG has begun a new Calais LNG Facebook page:

  • Some non-Calais LNG person apparently had read our previous announcement that the Calais LNG Facebook page had vanished, was unhappy, and has begun a new one. The page states:
    "Community Pages are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, anyone associated with the topic."
    … indicating the page's author has no official connection with Calais LNG.
  • As of March 21, there is no information on the Facebook page regarding the failed project other than there are six "likes" (six people like the empty page) — there is no information regarding who authored the page, or of the defunct project. It is likely that information will be added to the blank page, once the author reads this announcement.
Check out the defunct Calais LNG URL.
Check out the unofficial reappearance of a Calais LNG Facebook page.

Posted 2011 Mar 4
Updated 2011 Mar 15
Updated 2011 Mar 16

Q. Has Downeast LNG Lost Its Terminal Site Option?

  A. Apparently Not.

Q. Does DeLNG Still Actually Intend to Use the Site?

  A. Who Knows?

Downeast LNG has still not answered all of FERC's questions

FERC previously asked Downeast LNG:

  • If the company still has an option to purchase its proposed terminal site; and
  • If so, does the company intend to actually use the land for that purpose?

Downeast LNG answered FERC on Mar 2, but made the answer confidential.

One would expect Downeast to be proud that it has an option to use the land — if it actually still does — and would make the information public.

The company initially seemed to indicate that it had lost that option!

On 2011 Mar 15 Downeast LNG partially complied with the public interest…

Downeast LNG filed to FERC indicating that on 2009 Mar 12, the company's option to purchase was extended for four years, to expire 2013 Jun 16.

Downeast LNG has still not answered FERC's question as to whether or not DeLNG actually still intends to use the property for an LNG terminal.

It is shameful that Downeast LNG did not make the disclosure without the public first filing a disclosure request with FERC.

Posted 2011 Mar 4

Calais LNG's Facebook Page Has Vanished

Further indicating Calais LNG's demise, the company's Facebook page can no longer be found.

After having lost its financial backing and rights to its proposed terminal site, the world is still awaiting FERC's dismissal of the project from federal permitting.

Posted 2011 Mar 2

— On March 6 —
Downeast LNG Will Be
>>> 20 Months <<<
(>>> 1 Year, 8 Months <<<)
Late Answering FERC

Downeast LNG has now delayed the FERC process by more than 600 days.

FERC's deadline for answering questions arising from the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was 2009 July 6.



Posted 2011 Feb 15

FERC Getting Impatient
With Downeast LNG

FERC's Office of Energy Projects has given Downeast LNG until March 7th to confirm its rights to the proposed terminal site, and to confirm its plan to use that site.

Downeast LNG has now delayed the FERC process by more than 588 days. FERC's deadline for answering its questions was 2009 July 6.

See FERC's letter to Downeast LNG on the FERC Docket.

Posted 2011 Feb 14

Downeast LNG Is Now Over
>>> 19 Months <<<
(>>> 1 Year, 7 Months <<<)
Late Answering FERC

Downeast LNG has now delayed the FERC process by more than 588 days. FERC's deadline for answering questions arising from the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was 2009 July 6.

Downeast LNG has still not re-entered Maine permitting, and has indicated it will not do so until it has completed FERC permitting — and after over a year-and-a-half after failing to meet the FERC deadline, it appears incapable of doing either.

Downeast LNG appears to be caught up in a Catch-22 fatal vortex of its own making.



Posted 2011 Jan 25
UPDATED 2011 Jan 26
UPDATED 2011 Jan 28

>>> See more below <<<

Regulatory Relief & Fairness Committee
Field Hearing


January 31
Performing Arts Center
University of Maine at Machias
1–4pm ET / 2–5pm AT


Maine Gov. LePage, among other things, wants to…

  • Gut Environmental Protection

  • Permit Unneeded & Inappropriate LNG Terminal Siting
    In Passamaquoddy Bay

Gov. LePage has indicated he wants to eliminate the Board of Environmental Protection, and to reduce Maine Department of Environmental Protection permitting time from a current average of 6 months to an irresponsibly-short 30 days. That would give unreasonable advantage to inappropriate projects — including LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay.

LePage and Senate President Kevin Raye support unneeded and inappropriately-sited LNG projects in Passamaquoddy Bay.

LePage has established the Regulatory Relief and Fairness Committee, that is currently holding field hearings around the state. There will be a hearing at…

University of Maine at Machias on
January 31
1–4pm ET
(2–5pm AT)

Join the SPB Carpool to the hearing

If you are willing to drive, or if you need a ride:

Call (24 hours a day: (207) 853-2922) or

— If driving, please indicate how many passengers you can take;
— Please indicate how many people in your group;
— If you need a ride, please leave directions to your location;
— Please leave your name and phone number.
— Please leave a voice message if necessary.

Save Passamaquoddy Bay will respectfully, but firmly
Let Gov. LePage know gutting environmental protection is unacceptable
Save Passamaquoddy Bay will not relent!

Posted 2011 Jan 13

Downeast LNG Is Now Over
>>> 18 Months <<<
(>>> 1 Year, 6 Months <<<)
Late Answering FERC

Downeast LNG has now delayed the FERC process by more than 1½ years. FERC's deadline for answering questions arising from the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was 2009 July 6.

In addition, Downeast LNG has still not re-entered Maine permitting. Downeast LNG previously went completely through state permitting — including formal hearings — and then withdrew before a permitting decision could be rendered.

In a filing to FERC soon after the DEIS was issued, Downeast LNG indicated it could not supply answers to some technical questions until after completing Maine permitting. However, in 2010 September, Downeast LNG was quoted in the Calais Advertiser indicating it would not re-enter Maine permitting until after completing FERC permitting.

Which is it? When will Downeast LNG be straight with the public?


Add our banner to your webpage: Save Passamaquoddy Bay

Read about the effort to Fix FERC: FixFERC

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