Passamaquoddy herring scale basket

Herring Scale Baskets

circa 1960s


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A cache of these baskets was discovered in storage, having been placed there when new in the 1960s.

Own a Piece of Local History & Help Save Passamaquoddy Bay

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  • Hand-woven by skilled Passamaquoddy craftsmen
  • Sturdy black ash, prepared using traditional methods
  • Bent wood handles
  • Made for the herring pearlessence industry

Each basket is unique — no two are exactly alike.

Read about Scale Basket history

Baskets were paint-encoded for each particular pearl essence factory.
Three Two codings to choose from:


Pearl Essence Company


<< SOLD OUT >> Green stripe Mearl Corporation Eastport, ME << SOLD OUT >>
<< SOLD OUT >> Reddish-brown "A" + stripe Argenta Products Co. Eastport, ME << SOLD OUT >>
<< SOLD OUT >> Reddish-brown "MP" Maine Pearl Essence Eastport, ME << SOLD OUT >>
Note: The coding information provided is to the best of our knowledge.

Stripes go all the way around striped baskets.

The green-striped baskets are available in the largest quantity.

Basket Dimensions

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Many practical uses

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still available

Scale basket holding kindling

Use to hold firewood kindling or newspapers.

Scale Basket
green stripe
(Mearl Corporation)

Shipping is by US Postal Service — Ground.

Orders to US destinations only.

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Scale basket full of toys

Great for storing toys or other objects.

Scale Basket
reddish-brown "A" and stripe
(Argenta Products)

Scale basket containing towels

Keep washroom towels with a maritime accent, or use the basket for laundry.

Scale Basket
reddish-brown "MP"
(Maine Pearlessence)

Basket photography contributed by and
© 2007 Guisinger Photography.

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