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NOTICE — Beginning in 2013 March:
Due to the pending FERC calendar re Downeast LNG permitting, in order to focus our time and resources, news articles cited on this website will include mostly just those articles of interest to the Passamaquoddy Bay area.

2013 April 19

British Columbia

Gitxsan step up debate by bringing in natural gas — Terrace Standard, Terrace, BC

A northwest First Nation is accelerating its dispute with the federal and provincial governments over lands to be assigned to other First Nations as part of treaty deals by threatening to stop talking to natural gas pipeline companies.

In a release issued April 17, the Gitxsan say the two governments have no business providing lands they claim to the Kitselas and Kitsumkalum, two Tsimshian First Nations. They’ve given the two governments until June 21 to withdraw the offer of the lands that will make up final treaties for the Kitselas and Kitsumkalum.

“These offers by both governments are unconscionable and without proper notice to the affected Gitxsan Simgiigyet [Chiefs],” said Gitxsan negotiator Bev Clifton Percival.

Editorial: Make decisions out in the open — Time Colonist, Victoria, BC

On Monday, the cabinet quietly passed an order-in-council that would have exempted almost all natural-gas production in the province from automatic environmental reviews. The amendment to the Reviewable Projects Regulation would have also made changes to the assessment process for ski and all-season resorts.

Environmental issues are huge in B.C., and often controversial, so it’s understandable that politicians would like to avoid making a fuss. But it doesn’t help if it looks as if changes are being made on the sly.

The response from First Nations was more than words — provincial officials were kicked out of a First Nations forum on liquefied natural gas in Fort Nelson Wednesday.

On the same day, Polak announced a complete turnaround on the decision and apologized for not having discussions with First Nations on the issue. [Red & bold emphasis added.]

Webmaster's comment: The BC Cabinet owes all BC-ers an apology.


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