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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21



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Posted 2012 Nov 26
Updated Nov 29

Downeast LNG is Now Planning a
30-foot-Tall Vapor Fence

30-foot-tall vapor fence
Currently-planned 30-foot-Tall Vapor Fence

Previously-planned 20-foot-Tall Vapor Fence

Since Downeast LNG has filed no photosimulations of the planned vapor fence to-date to the FERC docket, Save Passamaquoddy Bay created the above illustrations.

Read DeLNG's filing to the FERC docket.

Posted 2012 Nov 9

Downeast LNG Never ClockAnother month passes.

When will Downeast LNG
comply with FERC's 2009 data request? 

On November 6
Downeast LNG became


…Providing answers to
FERC's technical questions

that were due on

6 Jul 2009


Posted 2012 Oct 24

Proposed Goldboro LNG
EXPORT Terminal
To Reverse Direction of
Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline

Project would send Pennsylvania natural gas
via Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline to eastern Nova Scotia terminal for export to Asia and India.

The Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline cannot simultaneously deliver US natural gas to Nova Scotia and deliver Downeast LNG gas to New England.

Downeast LNG's goose is cooked.

Posted 2012 Oct 12

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Judge
Rules In Favor of
Nulankeyutomonen Nkihtakomikumon

Ground Lease between Tribal Government and Quoddy Bay LNG was never legally valid.

Nulankeyutomonen Nkihtakomikumon
Prevails, Again!

See the US Department of Interior's
Interior Board of Indian Appeals Administrative Judge's ruling
(PDF; 7.97 MB)

Posted 2012 Oct 7

Canaport LNG
May Convert to

Canaport LNG terminal underuse and abundant Nova Scotia and New Brunswick natural gas resources exposing Downeast LNG's 'demand' fallacy.

Downeast LNG proposal
takes another big hit.

See the 2012 Oct 4 news article, "New role mulled for N.B. LNG plant," The Chronicle-Herald, Halifax, NS.


Posted 2012 Sep 14
Updated Nov 27

The planned 20-foot-Tall Outer Vapor Fence, below, has been replaced by a 30-foot-Tall Outer Vapor Fence. See the Nov 26 Announcement for more.

Downeast LNG is Planning
1.76-miles of Four
20-foot-Tall 'Vapor Fences'


See our...


  1. One Vapor Fence along the entire land-side property line, including over 1/2-mile along highway US-1, elbow-to-elbow with two state scenic turnouts;
  2. Another Vapor Fence inside the outer Vapor Fence;
  3. & 4. Two more small Vapor Fences within No. 2, above.


A Total of approx. 1.76-miles of Vapor Fence

Downeast LNG's proposed terminal
to contain LNG vapor from a release.

Vapor Fences are Downeast LNG's desperate attempt to fit a round peg
into a square hole.

Posted 2012 Sep 8

When will Downeast LNG
comply with FERC's data request?

Downeast LNG's "Never" Clock

On September 6
Downeast LNG became


Providing answers to
FERC's technical questions

that were due on

6 Jul 2009


Posted 2012 Aug 8

LNG Imports to Drop
— 51% —

This Year

Most imported LNG will go to Elba Island, Georgia.

The US is drowning in domestic natural gas.

See, USA: EIA lowers gas consumption forecast, LNG World News, 2012 Aug 8

Posted 2012 Aug 7

On August 6
Downeast LNG became


Providing answers to
FERC's technical questions

that were due on

6 Jul 2009

Posted 2012 Aug 5

LNG Imports are at a 12-year Low

US LNG imports in June were a mere
9.5% of June 2007 imports.

The previous-lowest LNG import volume in the last 12 years was in 2000. June 2012 LNG imports were less than HALF of the June 2000 volume.

Downeast LNG is a previous project
without a purpose

Source: US Energy Information Administration (EIA)


Posted 2012 Jul 20

Canaport LNG
Is Apparently
For Sale

Spanish Company Repsol
To Sell Its 75% Share

Since Downeast LNG has virtually no chance for success — with Canada prohibiting LNG ship transits to the proposed terminal, and with a proposed pier that is over a half-mile longer than is allowed by the State of Mainebuying Canaport could be DeLNG president Dean Girdis' only opportunity to actually get into the LNG business.

Does anyone have a spare billion dollars to loan Mr. Girdis?

See "Repsol may sell Canaport LNG, report says," Reuters/CBC News, 2012 Jul 20.

Posted 2012 Jul 11

Castlebay "Saving

— A benefit concert —
by Maine's Celtic Musical Stars…


With special guest
Ruth Dunfield
St. Andrews musician

Saturday, July 21

7PM ET / 8 PM AT
Eastport Arts Center
36 Washington Street

$10 per person — Additional donations welcome

Proceeds go to Save Passamaquoddy Bay
Protecting Passamaquoddy Bay from Downeast LNG

Information: (207)853-2922

Posted 2012 Jul 11

On July 6
Downeast LNG became

>>> 3 YEARS LATE <<<

Answering FERC's technical questions


Posted 2012 May 24
Updated 2012 July 5, July 20, July 23, Aug 5, Aug 27

Downeast LNG Proposes
20-ft-Tall Vapor Fences
Along the Property Line, Including
Entirely Along US Route-1

DeLNG Vapor Fences Plot Plan

Downeast LNG's Exclusion Zone that previously extended onto US Highway Route-1 has been recalculated to be even worse.

In attempting to solve that problem, Downeast LNG is now proposing to build 20-foot-tall Vapor Fences along the property fence line — including along the entire US-1 property line, along the proposed terminal's southern boundary, and along a short portion of the Mill Cove shoreline. There would also be other concentric vapor fences inside the fence line.

US DOT 1987 Falcon Vapor Barrier Tests

The 1987 US Department of Transportation LNG Vapor Barrier Tests near Falcon Lake, Nevada, clearly show that LNG vapor will flow over a Vapor Fence, and then continue to be driven along the ground by the wind.

LNG vapor at US-1 fence line

Downeast LNG's report to FERC demonstrates that the vapor would pass over the internal Vapor Fence, and then accumulate at the external Vapor Fence alongside highway US-1; but, the test then stops without considering if the vapor would pass over the exterior Vapor Fence onto US-1.

Mill Cove would be subject to potential inundation by hazardous natural gas vapor.

Imagine a 20-foot tall solid fence immediately adjacent to the two scenic turnouts on the South side of Mill Cove, along US-1

Imagine a 20-foot tall solid fence for over 1/2-mile along route US-1 south of Mill Cove.

Download Downeast LNG's FERC filing about the proposed 20-foot tall Vapor Fences.

Revised 2012 August 5 —
Download SPB's flyer of the DeLNG Vapor Fence Plot Plan (PDF; 2.87 MB).

Posted 2012 May 8

US LNG Imports
Have Dropped to a 10-Year Low

LNG imports have fallen so much, they are lower now — with 12 import terminals — than when the LNG import goldrush began with just four US import terminals (Everett LNG, Everett, MA; Cove Point LNG, Lusby, MD;Elba Island LNG, Savannah, GA; and Trunkline LNG, Lake Charles, LA).

See data graph at: "U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas Imports,"
2012 Apr 30, Energy Information Administration


2012 Apr 24
Revised 2012 Jul 5

Downeast LNG is Sole Remaining
LNG Import-only
Terminal Project in North America

Liberty Natural Gas has withdrawn its permits to construct an LNG import terminal offshore from New Jersey and New York.

Oregon LNG announced on 2012 Jul 4 that it plans to export, but is retaining its plan to import.

That leaves Downeast LNG as the last remaining LNG import-only project in federal permitting in the entire continent.

Liberty Natural Gas pipeline permit application withdrawal from FERC:

Liberty Natural Gas offshore terminal permit application withdrawal from MARAD:
(This link will download a PDF file.)
PDF file!documentDetail;D=USCG-2010-0993-0112

Natural Gas Price
Lowest in 10 Years

On April 12 the price of natural gas dropped to $1.984. One year ago the price was $4.85.

The proposed Downeast LNG import terminal would not lower the price of natural gas.

Posted 2012 Apr 4


FERC Has Dismissed Calais LNG
From Federal Permitting

>>> Calais LNG is Dead <<<

Due to Calais LNG's inability to secure financing and a project site since it lost both, resulting in the project withdrawing from Maine permitting on 2010 Dec 14, FERC has dismissed all permits without prejudice (FERC would not prevent Calais LNG from reapplying as an entirely new project).

Posted 2012 Apr 3

Marcellus Natgas Crowding Out Canadian & Southwestern Suppliers
to US Northeast

The Marcellus Shale is so prolific it is crowding out natural gas supplies from Canada and the US Southwest. It is destined to reverse Canadian imports to the US Northeast into US Northeast exports to Canada.

Read: "Spectra looks to bring U.S. gas to Ontario, Quebec,"
The Globe and Mail, 2012 Apr 2


Posted 2012 Mar 31

U.S. Natural Gas Net Imports
at Lowest Levels Since 1992


LNG Imports Down 44%
From Same Period in 2011

Source: "Today in Energy," US Energy Information Administration, 2012 Mar 15

Posted 2012 Mar 29

More LNG Import Projects Drop Out

Oregon LNG withdrew its FERC permits Mar 29.

Corpus Christi LNG has changed
from import to export.

Posted 2012 Mar 6

2 Years 8 months and counting...

Downeast LNG still has not
answered all of FERC's questions


Posted 2012 Feb 6

2 Years 7 months and counting...

Downeast LNG is
another month late answering FERC

Downeast LNG now has the distinction of being 2 Years & 7 Months Late in answering FERC's technical questions arising from the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

Answers were due on 2009 July 6.


Posted 2012 Jan 8

FERC removes Calypso LNG
from map of Proposed/Potential Terminals

FERC's 2011 Dec 19 update to its map of Proposed/Potential LNG terminals has eliminated the Calypso LNG project that had been proposed for offshore east coast Florida.

Calypso LNG withdrew its MARAD (US Department of Transportation Maritime Administration) application on 2009 Feb 25; however, FERC continued to list the project until 2011 Dec 19.

MARAD is the permitting agency for terminals more than 3 miles offshore. FERC is the permitting agency for shore-based and in-shore LNG terminals.

Posted 2012 Jan 8

Crown Landing LNG Project Bites the Dust

Abundance of Domestic Natural Gas,
Probable Lack of Profitability Cited

On 2012 Jan 6, the Crown Landing president Gordon Shearer filed a letter to the FERC Crown Landing docket withdrawing the project, citing probable lack profitability due to the abundance of domestic natural gas. The project was located in New Jersey on the shore of the Delaware River.

Crown Landing already had FERC certification to construct and operate.

Reality is screaming directly into Downeast LNG's, Kestrel Energy Partners', and York Town Partners' ears.


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