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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21



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Posted 2009 Dec 30

'A Quoddy Anthology'
now available as free ebook

Written by Bocabec marine biologist and entrepreneur Art MacKay, this book's informative content provides comprehensive and substantial reasons why LNG is an inappropriate match for Passamaquoddy Bay.

Read the eBook

Posted 2009 Dec 24

Thursday, December 24

US Senate confirms John Norris
as a Commissioner to FERC

Commissioner Suedeen Kelly, whose term has exipred,
remains until a replacement is confirmed.

Posted 2009 Dec 22

Calais LNG
filed its FERC formal application on
Friday, December 18

As of Dec 22, the application notice has not been posted to FERC's eLibrary Docket.

Posted 2009 Nov 25

2009 Nov 12

US Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
Interior Board of Indian Appeals

— requires —

BIA Regional Director
to determine if it is cancelling
its ground lease approval between
Pleasant Point Tribal Government
Quoddy Bay LLC

Deadline: 2010 January 4

BIA Docket Number: IBIA 09-007

This fulfills the BIA's Administrative Appeal provision,
as required according to US District Appellate Court.

PDF documentRead the BIA Interior Board of Indian Appeals' document (PDF; 270KB)

Posted 2009 Nov 11

2009 Nov 10

Tidewalker Associate's
Integrated Licensing Process
for the tidal dam project
at Half Moon Cove, Perry, ME

Inability to fulfill FERC Regulations
resulted in Permitting termination

Project would have provided Quoddy Bay LNG project a second egress from Eastport

To read the Dismissal Letter go to FERC's eLibrary File List.

FERC Docket Number P-12704-002, Accession Number 20091110-3039


The Passing of a Dear Friend

Bernie Lukco

Aug 2, 1938 – Oct 12, 2009

Bernie died on Campobello Island. He — along with his wife, Mary Albright, who survives him — was a strong supporter of The Friends of the Head Harbour Lightstation and of Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance.

He was a welcome presence and will be sorely missed.

"New obituary: Bernard J. "Bernie Lukco" appears in the 2009 Oct 15 Newark Advocate

Posted 2009 Sep 25

“But even as the divide between the two countries remains wide and the rhetoric heats up over the Head Harbour issue, one key development may be lost in the debate:

“…the US is so oversupplied with natural gas that the urgency of bringing new LNG to US shores has all but disappeared. ”

— Platts 2009 Sep 24,
"Right of passage? US, Canada can't find common ground on LNG transport"

Posted 2009 Aug 24

The White House
Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force
Requests Public Comments

Submit Your Comments Now!

PDF fileRead the Presidential Memorandum 

Posted 2009 Aug 23

>> Quoddy Bay LNG officially dead <<

FERC has deleted Quoddy Bay LNG
from its maps of
Proposed & Potential LNG Terminals

Download FERC's North American LNG Import Terminal Maps:

PDF filePotential     PDF fileProposed

Posted 2009 Aug 12

Save Passamaquoddy Bay - Canada annual meeting

Posted 2009 July 18


Smooth Sun Star
A Gathering
of the People of Passamaquoddy Bay
to Honor
All Creatures Great and Small


— Potluck Picnic —

Stories and Ceremonies
to honor the Bay's Inhabitants…
…from eels to whales, herring to eagles.

Saturday, August 1st
3 pm ET / 4 pm AT
Split Rock
(Pleasant Point)

Rain date:
Sunday, August 2nd

— Please bring folding chairs and a food item to share —

Invite each and every person you know to come.

Questions: 207-853-4123

Posted 2009 July 18

Head Harbour Lightstation

Head Harbour Lightstation
Public Announcement

Minister of Tourism Stuart Jamieson
is scheduled to make an important announcement
regarding Head Harbour Lightstation

Friday, July 24th
2 pm AT
At the Lighthouse headland

— The public is invited to attend —
Please plan to come.

Announcement from Friends of Head Harbour Lightstation

Posted 2009 July 15

Canada’s Ambassador Wilson
Nixes Downeast LNG

The Embassy of Canada advised FERC Chairman Wellinghoff that Canada’s long-standing opposition to LNG transits into Passamaquoddy Bay means Downeast LNG should withdraw its permits.

Go to FERC’s Downeast LNG Docket File List to download the PDF letter (60 Kb).

Posted 2009 June 30

(Above) A previous Sail-a-bration event

July 5

Boats Meet at 2 PM AT / 1 PM ET
Head Harbour Lightstation / East Quoddy Lightstation
Head Harbour Passage

Boats Depart at 2:30 PM AT / 1:30 PM ET
to cruise the passage to Eastport

Boats Arrive at Boundary near Eastport
around 3:30–4:00 PM AT / 2:30–3:00 PM ET

Posted 2009 June 30

Reported Italian train LNG explosion
actually an LPG explosion

The train car explosion in Italy reported to be an LNG explosion was actually carrying LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

LPG consists mostly of propane and butane, and is liquefied using pressurization.

LNG consists mostly of methane, and is liquefied using a complex refrigeration process.

Reuters reports correctly:

Posted 2009 June 12

Pleasant Point Tribal Government
Nixes Ground Lease with Quoddy Bay LNG

A story in the June 12 issie of The Quoddy Tides indicates that Tribal Government voted unanimously to notify Quoddy Bay LNG of expiration of the Ground Lease, and that the Tribe is cancelling its relationship with the company.

The story will be posted on this website once it becomes available online.

Story not yet available online

Posted 2009 May 16

Downeast LNG
Draft Environmental Impact Statement released

— Comment Deadline is   2009 July 6 

Anyone — even non-intervenors — may submit comments.

On May 15, FERC released the 1,482-page Draft EIS (DEIS) for the Downeast LNG proposal.

The deadline for filing Comments about the DEIS is 2009 July 6.

Download the DEIS

Posted 2009 May 8

Premier Graham: NB firmly opposes LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay

New Brunswick’s Premier Graham corrects Energy Minister Jack Keir, who previously stated on the CBC that New Brunswick has never opposed — and is in favor of — LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay.

Graham unequivocally stated New Brunswick opposes LNG terminals in Passamaquoddy Bay.

Read the May 8 Saint Croix Courier article, PREMIER: We’re no pals o’LNG

Posted 2009 Apr 26

Vocal Washington County Residents & Commissioner essentially admit Canada has authority to prevent LNG transits

From the Apr 1 Bangor Daily News:

On Wednesday, a vocal group of Washington County residents said Maine should not allow Irving Oil or other Canadian companies to use state-owned rights of way until Maine gets assurances that LNG tankers will have unimpeded access to the terminal sites.

Washington County Commissioner Chris Gardner accused Canadian authorities of interfering in LNG projects that would benefit the economically distressed region while fast-tracking their own energy plans.

THERE WOULD BE NO NEED to make such accusations and self-destructive demands if Canada did not actually have the authority to prohibit LNG transits into Passamaquoddy Bay.

THE COMMISSIONER AND OTHERS who support LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay ignore the LNG industry’s own terminal siting best safety practices (SIGTTO). According to SIGTTO, Passamaquoddy Bay is intrinsically unfit for LNG facilities, and there is no comparison between the siting conditions in Passamaquoddy Bay versus Canaport. Canada is doing exactly what it should be doing to protect Canadians — and even Americans — from potential harm.

THE ACCUSATION OF “FAST-TRACKING” Canadian projects at the expense of Maine projects is a red herring. In reality, Canaport was in the ballgame long before Downeast LNG and Calais LNG, and the Maine projects failed to perform their site selection due diligence.

THERE IS NO ACTUAL & PRESSING NEED for incremental natural gas facilities here as evidenced by Gov. Baldacci and Premier Graham putting the Energy Corridor natural gas pipeline on the back burner. Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline has even applied with FERC to EXPORT natural gas FROM the United States TO Canada!

IF LNG DEVELOPERS AND SUPPORTERS actually believe there is a need for additional LNG import infrastructure, then they should select sites that abide by industry best practices. Otherwise, their true motives are showing — reckless and harmful argument for the sake of it, and soaking up the venture capitalist’s money while it lasts.

SIGTTO — Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators, “Site Selection and Design for LNG Ports and Jetties,” 1997, Witherbys Publishing, Witherbys Seamanship International, Livingston, Scotland, UK. Over 95% of the world LNG industry hold membership in SIGTTO.

Also see LNG Terminal Siting Standards Organization for an abbreviated list of SIGTTO terminal siting best practices.

Read the Apr 1 Bangor Daily News article, ‘Corridor’ bill draws skepticism

2009 Feb 13 - Posted Feb 17

FERC Acting Chairman Jon Wellinhoff
wants in-depth regional needs analyses
before granting LNG permits

FERC has made a dramatic about-face
on its “build it anywhere and everywhere” policy.

See the LNG Law Blog blurb,
Acting FERC Chairman unsure how much LNG needed to supply U.S. market in near term

2009 Feb 9

The Wall Street Journal says
rush to construct LNG import infrastructure
a Big Mistake

Reality about LNG has hit the financial community
squarely in the face

Read the Wall Street Journal article, Bad Call

2009 Jan 9

Coast Guard
Waterway Suitability Report (WSR)
for Downeast LNG
Requires Developer Obtain
Canada's Permission

Downeast LNG's Dean Girdis
misrepresents the WSR

Read the Coast Guard's Waterway Suitability Report


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