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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"   "Without being a party to the Law of the Sea Convention [UNCLOS],
we cannot avail ourselves of the dispute-resolution provisions."
— US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21          — CAPT Stephen Michel, 2007 Dec 12                               
US Coast Guard Maritime & International Law lawyer
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Downeast LNG export project
failure is pending.

Downeast LNG import project
failure is pending.

> Failed <
Calais LNG
was dismissed
from permitting by FERC
on 2012 Apr 4 — the second
LNG terminal applicant ever
to be dismissed by FERC.
> Failed <
Quoddy Bay LNG was dismissed
from permitting by FERC
on 2008 Oct 17 — the first LNG
terminal applicant ever to be
dismissed by FERC.


Posted 2014 July 30

SPB Researcher Robert Godfrey
a Finalist for
Natural Resources Council of Maine

2014 People's Choice Award

Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance Affiliate
Nulankeyutomonen Nkihtahkomikumon's Organizer Vera Francis
was the 2010 People's Choice Award Recipient

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Posted 2014 July 23

DeLNG Export Proposal
Enters FERC Pre-filing

Here we go again, from the beginning!

Source: FERC Docket No. PF14-19, Accession No. 20140722-5110, 2014 Jul 23

See our Announcements page for all previous announcements.

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A campy video production starring area residents and rare creatures

Disaster looms when ruthless industrial developers invade a peaceful Maine seaside village. The Mermaid Queen is injured and powerless against this threat to her realm's natural beauty and traditional way of life. Now only the Queen's Elves and her faithful Sprite Robbinston Goodfellow can save Passamaquoddy Bay.

Incident at Pulpit Rock
See All three parts


A Quoddy Anthology

Written by Bocabec marine biologist and entrepreneur Art MacKay, this book's informative content provides comprehensive and substantial reasons why LNG is inappropriate for Passamaquoddy Bay.

Available in Print
or as a free eBook



Oct 17

2014 Aug 13


FERC's 90-Day Deadline for Other Federal Agencies
to Make Their Downeast LNG Permitting Decisions

Permitting decision must occur no sooner than 30 days, and no later than 90 days after FEIS release (Jun 15–Aug 13).



Anti-Dominion LNG, Anti-Fracking Protesters, demonstrating at FERC Headquarters in Washington, DC—

[Sung to the tune of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine:]

"We all know FERC’s a rubber stamp machine, a rubber stamp machine, a rubber stamp machine.”

Battling Cove Point in the Capital, The Nation— 2014 July 14.

Downeast LNG's revised website, The Project > Downeast LNG Project Overview (PDF; 34KB), 2014 June —

"Visual Issues

"The site is uniquely suited to accommodate the necessary structures with minimal visual impact from either Route 1 in Maine or from St. Andrews.…

"…The most visible aspect of the project will be the ship itself, which will be present only when it is in port and at a distance of more than 2 miles from St. Andrews…." [Bold, underlined emphasis added.]

Webmaster's comment: The 30-ft-tall sheet metal barrier that DeLNG proposes to erect along more than ½ mile of highway US-1, abutting a state-designated scenic area (Mill Cove), and the 4,000-foot-long trestle and pier that would cut across the mouth of scenic Mill Cove must not "count" in Dean Girdis's mind as visual impact.

And, Girdis says that the ship wouldn't be visible when it isn't in port! Brilliant!

Don't be surprised if Girdis's embarrassment results in his changing the text. But, never fear! SPB has preserved it for posterity! [See archived DeLNG's 2014 June edition of "Downeast LNG Project Overview" (PDF; 34KB), with SPB highlighting & comments.]

Bob Bennekamper, concerned citizen, Brick Township, New Jersey —

“If energy independence is our national goal, then neither imports nor exports are in our national interest.”

Citizens overwhelming oppose offshore liquefied natural gas operation,, NJ — 2013 October 1.

Read all our Notable Quotes on a separate page.


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NOTICE — Beginning in 2013 March:
Due to the pending FERC calendar re Downeast LNG permitting, in order to focus our time and resources, news articles cited on this website will include mostly just those articles of interest to the Passamaquoddy Bay area.

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Jul 30

Announcements > 2014 > July

  • Jul 30SPB Researcher Robert Godfrey a Finalist for NRCM 2014 People's Choice Award

News Stories & Editorial > July 30 [For faster page loading, go to our Latest News page.]


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Jul 28

News Stories & Editorial > July 28

Nova Scotia

New England

Jul 25

News Stories & Editorial > July 25

Passamaquoddy Bay

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Jul 23

Announcements > 2014

  • Jul 23Downeast LNG Export proposal enters FERC Pre-filing — Here We Go Again!

News Releases > 2014 > July > Downeast LNG

  • Jul 24Downeast LNG Export Proposal Announces FERC Pre-Filing Submission
FERC > LNG Project Review Process > eLibrary Dockets > Pre-Filing > 2014 > Downeast LNG > PF14-19
  • July 23
    • Downeast LNG, Inc. Downeast Pipeline, LLCDowneast LNG Export proposal enters Pre-Filing.


  • 2014 Jul 22 — DeLNG Export Proposal requests entering FERC Pre-Filing

Jul 21

FERC > LNG Project Review Process > eLibrary Dockets > Formal Filing Docket Comment Submissions > Downeast LNG — CP07-52, CP07-53, CP07-54, CP07-55 > 2014 July

  • July 21
    • Save Passamaquoddy BayMaine Indian Tribal State Commission demonstrates that the Passamaquoddy Tribe retains rights in marine waters; that the State of Maine has passed legislation violating federal law regarding those rights. Downeast LNG claims that the Passamaquoddy have no rights in the marine waterway, and refuses to comply with the US Coast Guard requirement to obtain consent from the Passamaquoddy Tribal Government regarding waterway usage — violating Environmental Justice. FERC must dismiss Downeast LNG's permit applications with prejudice.

Jul 18

FERC > LNG Project Review Process > eLibrary Dockets > Formal Filing Docket Comment Submissions > Downeast LNG — CP07-52, CP07-53, CP07-54, CP07-55 > 2014 July

  • July 18
    • Save Passamaquoddy Bay CanadaSPB Canada points to DeLNG's "new" project that disqualifies the existing LNG applications.

News Stories & Editorial > July 18

Passamaquoddy Bay

Maine & New England

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United States


Jul 14

Notable Quotes

  • 2014 Jul 14
    • Protesters Against FERC, Fracking, and Dominion LNG — "We all know FERC’s a rubber stamp machine, a rubber stamp machine, a rubber stamp machine.”

News Stories & Editorial > July 14

Passamaquoddy Bay

Northeast & United States

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