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from LNG Development

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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"   "Without being a party to the Law of the Sea Convention [UNCLOS],
we cannot avail ourselves of the dispute-resolution provisions."
— US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21          — CAPT Charles Michel, 2007 Dec 12                               
US Coast Guard Maritime & International Law lawyer
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Downeast LNG import/export
project failure is pending.

> Failed <
Calais LNG
was dismissed
from permitting by FERC
on 2012 Apr 4 — the second
LNG terminal applicant ever
to be dismissed by FERC.
> Failed <
Quoddy Bay LNG was dismissed
from permitting by FERC
on 2008 Oct 17 — the first LNG
terminal applicant ever to be
dismissed by FERC.



Posted 2015 Nov 9

Downeast LNG
Abandons Its Office

Downeast LNG Joins the Previous Two
LNG Failures’ Office Desertion

Downeast LNG may simply be contemplating abandoning the export part of its project — and may intend to seek a FERC Commissioners' permitting decision for the import-only project that previously completed its permitting, with the exception of a Commission decision.

Downeast LNG empty office

Downeast LNG has abandoned its offices, removed its sign,
leaving no trace it was ever there.

Calais LNG empty offices

Calais LNG deserted its offices, leaving just a note taped to the door.

Quoddy Bay LNG deserted offices

Quoddy Bay LNG's deserted offices were allowed to fall to rack and ruin.

Posted 2015 Nov 1

Place Permitting on Hold
Until 2016 Feb 29

Investors Want to Study
Market Conditions

Dean Girdis and company have finally awoken to being perpetually behind the market curve

DeLNG could abandon its export permitting, but could continue its import permitting — awaiting only FERC's permitting decision.

See DeLNG's filings to the FERC dockets (both filings are identical):
    Pre-Filing Comment:
    Formal Filing Comment:

See our Announcements page for all previous announcements.

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A campy video production starring area residents and rare creatures

Disaster looms when ruthless industrial developers invade a peaceful Maine seaside village. The Mermaid Queen is injured and powerless against this threat to her realm's natural beauty and traditional way of life. Now only the Queen's Elves and her faithful Sprite Robbinston Goodfellow can save Passamaquoddy Bay.

Incident at Pulpit Rock
See All three parts


A Quoddy Anthology

Written by Bocabec marine biologist and entrepreneur Art MacKay, this book's informative content provides comprehensive and substantial reasons why LNG is inappropriate for Passamaquoddy Bay.

Available in Print
or as a free eBook



Nothing scheduled



James Taverner, IHS analyst in Tokyo —

“The global LNG industry now resembles a game of ‘musical chairs’ with far more projects than the market can absorb.

85 Gas Projects Dying on the Vine as LNG's Promise Falls Short, Bloomberg, 2015 Oct 8.

Art Berman, petroleum industry expert —

“Woops! LNG export from the U.S never made competitive economic sense to me but now, it looks dead-on-arrival.

No Joy in Mudville*: Shale Gas Stalls, LNG Export Dead On Arrival, OilVoice,2015 Jul 31.

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Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance Efforts

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Nov 24

News Articles > 2015 November > Nov 24 (Go to our Latest News page for faster page loading.)

United States

Nov 17

FERC > LNG Project Review Process > eLibrary Dockets > Pre-Filing Comment Submissions > Monthly Listings of Pre-filing Comments > Downeast LNG — PF14-19 > 2015 November

  • Nov 17
    • Save Passamaquoddy Bay
      Downeast LNG is out of money. It is time for FERC to pull the plug.

FERC > LNG Project Review Process > eLibrary Dockets > Formal Filing Comment Submissions > Downeast LNG — CP07-52, CP07-53, CP07-54, CP07-55 > 2015 November

  • Nov 17
    • Save Passamaquoddy Bay
      Downeast LNG is out of money. It is time for FERC to pull the plug.

Nov 15

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New England


Gulf of Mexico



British Columbia




United States


Nov 12

News Articles > 2015 November > Nov 12

Passamaquoddy Bay


Gulf of Mexico

British Columbia


Nov 9

Announcements > 2015 > November

  • Nov 9Downeast LNG Abandons Its Office, Joining 2 Previous Failures
    Downeast LNG may continue one or both of its proposals after 2016 Feb 29, but right now it looks like it's sinkin'. The question is, what will happen to their property at Mill Cove, assuming they fail?

Resources & Links > LNG-related Organizations & Sites > National > United States

  • Fix FERC [brand new blog site] — Make the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Safe for Americans.
    Keep watching this site. New material is pending.

Nov 6

News Articles > 2015 November > Nov 6

Passamaquoddy Bay

New Brunswick


Gulf of Mexico

United States

Nov 4

News Articles > 2015 November > Nov 4


Gulf of Mexico


British Columbia




Save Passamaquoddy Bay

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