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Save Passamaquoddy Bay
3-Nation Alliance
Has Saved Passamaquoddy Bay
From 3 LNG Terminal Developments!

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> Failed <
Downeast LNG
project was dismissed from
permitting by FERC on 2016 Aug 17
the third LNG terminal applicant
ever to be dismissed by FERC.

> Failed <
Calais LNG
was dismissed
from permitting by FERC
on 2012 Apr 4 — the second
LNG terminal applicant ever
to be dismissed by FERC.
> Failed <
Quoddy Bay LNG was dismissed
from permitting by FERC
on 2008 Oct 17 — the first LNG
terminal applicant ever to be
dismissed by FERC.

Mission "Impossible" has become Mission "Achieved!"

2016 August 17 became the day our 12 years of steadfast commitment
to Save Passamaquoddy Bay from LNG succeeded.

Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance
Has Defeated LNG in the Bay!

Three LNG Terminal Projects Dismissed by FERC

  1. Quoddy Bay LNGDismissed 2008 October 17
  2. Calais LNGDismissed 2012 April 4
  3. Downeast LNGDismissed 2016 August 17

“We did it! We defeated three developers with deep-pocket investors and with numerous lawyers & law firms, against all odds, and against the developers' whopping $90 million spent in pursuit of their permits."

—Robert Godfrey, for Save Passamaquoddy Bay

FERC Order
Issued 2016 August 17

Order Dismissing Dockets
Terminating Proceedings

“Downeast’s project has been before the Commission in one form or another for more than ten years. There has been essentially no progress at all toward completion of an application in the past nine months and Downeast has presented nothing to persuade us that its situation is likely to change in the immediate future. … Because Downeast has not demonstrated meaningful progress in the pre-filing review process toward a single, integrated proposal, its pending import application and bidirectional import/export pre-filing proceedings have become stale and warrant dismissal and termination without prejudice.” [Bold emphasis added.]

Read the entire FERC Order (PDF file; 41 KB)

Read SPB's 2016 Jun 13 Motion to FERC,
Precipitating DELNG's Dismissal
(PDF file; 75 KB)


Save Passamaquoddy Bay Honored by Maine Sierra Club

Local Grassroots Leadership Group Award

The Maine Sierra Club conferred its Local Grassroots Leadership Group Award on Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance on October 22 at the Club's annual dinner at Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine.

Honoring all who contributed over the years to keeping LNG out of Passamaquoddy Bay, the Sierra Club of Maine acknowledged our efforts in defeating three developers with over 30 legal and consulting firms and their combined expenditure of $90 million. At the Sierra Club citation presentation they said:

2016 Leadership from a Local Grassroots Group

Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3 Nation Alliance

This award is being given in recognition of your outstanding effort and commitment to inspire local and area residents to stand up to the multiple applications to develop Liquefied Natural Gas terminals in Passamaquoddy Bay.

The three nation effort has persevered through twelve long years serving as a testament to the strength of your convictions to "protect what you love." Your strong grassroots effort is at the heart of the work that Sierra Club does nationwide and certainly your work is inspirational to Maine citizens who strive to maintain high environmental health standards while also finding a safe place for local businesses to thrive.

Congratulations on your well-deserved award.

Local Grassroots Leadership Award

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