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An Alliance to Protect the Quoddy Region
from LNG Development

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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"   "Without being a party to the Law of the Sea Convention [UNCLOS],
we cannot avail ourselves of the dispute-resolution provisions."
— US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21          — CAPT Charles Michel, 2007 Dec 12                               
US Coast Guard Maritime & International Law lawyer
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Downeast LNG import/export
project failure is pending.

> Failed <
Calais LNG
was dismissed
from permitting by FERC
on 2012 Apr 4 — the second
LNG terminal applicant ever
to be dismissed by FERC.
> Failed <
Quoddy Bay LNG was dismissed
from permitting by FERC
on 2008 Oct 17 — the first LNG
terminal applicant ever to be
dismissed by FERC.


The Passing of Our Friend & Ally

Dr. James Fay

Concord, Massachusetts
1923 November 1 – 2015 June 2

We only recently learned of the passing of our friend and ally Professor Emeritus Dr. James Fay, who died on June 2nd at the age of 91.

Professor Fay was a world-recognized expert on the hazards of LNG and other liquefied gases, and had interest and expertise in the environment and in many other areas. He was elected into the National Academy of Engineering in 1998.

We grieve his passing.

Posted 2015 Sep 29

SPB Files
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

Save Passamaquoddy Bay has requested minutes from FERC to determine the exact reason for suspending its Bi-Weekly Telephone Conferences on Downeast LNG.

When will Downeast LNG finally implode?

Posted 2015 Sep 15

Something Unusual is Going On

FERC's DeLNG Bi-Weekly Conference Calls
Have Been Suspended

Downeast LNG is mired
in the
LNG Market Reality Quicksand

When will Downeast LNG finally sink?

Source: FERC Docket No. PF14-19, Accession No. 20150915-4001

See our Announcements page for all previous announcements.

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A campy video production starring area residents and rare creatures

Disaster looms when ruthless industrial developers invade a peaceful Maine seaside village. The Mermaid Queen is injured and powerless against this threat to her realm's natural beauty and traditional way of life. Now only the Queen's Elves and her faithful Sprite Robbinston Goodfellow can save Passamaquoddy Bay.

Incident at Pulpit Rock
See All three parts


A Quoddy Anthology

Written by Bocabec marine biologist and entrepreneur Art MacKay, this book's informative content provides comprehensive and substantial reasons why LNG is inappropriate for Passamaquoddy Bay.

Available in Print
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Nothing scheduled



Art Berman, petroleum industry expert —

“Woops! LNG export from the U.S never made competitive economic sense to me but now, it looks dead-on-arrival.

No Joy in Mudville*: Shale Gas Stalls, LNG Export Dead On Arrival, OilVoice,2015 Jul 31.

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Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance Efforts

We believe that...



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Oct 2

Announcements > 2015 > October

  • Oct 2 The 2015 June 2 Passing of Friend & Ally, Dr. James Fay 

News Releases > 2015 > October > Save Passamaquoddy Bay

Sep 29

Announcements > 2015 > September

  • Sep 29SPB Files Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

News Articles > 2015 September > Sep 29 (Go to our Latest News page for faster page loading.)

New Brunswick




British Columbia



United States



Sep 15

Announcements > 2015

  • Sep 15Something Unusual is Going On; FERC Has Suspended Its Downeast LNG Bi-Weekly Conference Calls

FERC > LNG Project Review Process > eLibrary Dockets > Pre-Filing Comment Submissions > Monthly Listings of Pre-filing Comments > Downeast LNG — PF14-19 > 2015 September

  • Sep 15

      Until further notice, Bi-Weekly Conference Calls will be held only on an as-needed basis. When a Conference Call is needed, a week's notice will be provided.

      Something very unusual is going on.

Sep 12

Announcements > 2015

  • Sep 12LNG-Export House of Cards is Collapsing

News Articles > 2015 September > Sep 12

New Brunswick & Nova Scotia



Gulf of Mexico

British Columbia

United States



Aug 20

Announcements > 2015 > August

  • Aug 20Coast Guard's Former Top Lawyer Now Vice-Commandant — the same USCG top lawyer who declared that the US has no legal standing to challenge Canada's prohibition of LNG ships in Passamaquoddy Bay.

News Articles > 2015 August > Aug 20

Passamaquoddy Bay

New Brunswick & Nova Scotia

New England

Gulf of Mexico


British Columbia



United States

Aug 11

FERC > LNG Project Review Process > eLibrary Dockets > Pre-Filing Comment Submissions > Monthly Listings of Pre-filing Comments > Downeast LNG — PF14-19 > 2015 August

  • Aug 11
    • Downeast LNG, Inc. Monthly Status Report #12: Downeast LNG anticipates no changes to location of major equipment illustrated on the plot plan. No pipeline survey work was performed. No environmental surveys or analyses were performed. No project alternatives evaluations were performed. No stakeholder notices were issued.


Save Passamaquoddy Bay

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