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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21



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Posted 2015 Nov 9

Downeast LNG
Abandons Its Office

Downeast LNG Joins the Previous Two
LNG Failures’ Office Desertion

Downeast LNG may simply be contemplating abandoning the export part of its project — and may intend to seek a FERC Commissioners' permitting decision for the import-only project that previously completed its permitting, with the exception of a Commission decision.

Downeast LNG empty office

Downeast LNG has abandoned its offices, removed its sign,
leaving no trace it was ever there.

Calais LNG empty offices

Calais LNG deserted its offices, leaving just a note taped to the door.

Quoddy Bay LNG deserted offices

Quoddy Bay LNG's deserted offices were allowed to fall to rack and ruin.

Posted 2015 Nov 1

Place Permitting on Hold
Until 2016 Feb 29

Investors Want to Study
Market Conditions

Dean Girdis and company have finally awoken to being perpetually behind the market curve

DeLNG could abandon its export permitting, but could continue its import permitting — awaiting only FERC's permitting decision.

See DeLNG's filings to the FERC dockets (both filings are identical):
    Pre-Filing Comment:
    Formal Filing Comment:


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Posted 2015 Oct 27

FERC Finally Complies
with SPB's Appeal for FOIA Expedited Service

On 2015 October 27, FERC complied with Save Passamaquoddy Bay's appeal for Expedited Service of our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The request was for information about FERC's decision to suspend its Downeast LNG Bi-Weekly Phone Conferences.

FERC had initially denied our request for Expedited Service. Upon appeal, FERC complied — resulting in delivering two heavily-redacted documents.

FERC's little joke on the public: The produced, heavily-redacted documents are exactly the same documents as the un-redacted documents FERC had previously filed to the public FERC Downeast LNG Pre-Filing Docket (Docket No. PF14-19, Access Nos. 20150810-4002 and 20150915-4001).

FERC's heavy-handed treatment of our initial FOIA request, and of the FERC documents resulting from our appeal, demonstrate what "transparency" and "public interest" actually mean to FERC.

See FERC's ludicrous response, including a side-by-side comparison of FERC's redacted response next to its publicly-filed documents: 2015Oct27_FERC_FOIA_compliance_2015Aug03_Sep14 copy.pdf (403 KB).

Posted 2015 Oct 26

Please Sign the Petition:


We call on our Federal Legislators, the President, and the Inspector General of DOE to:

  • Conduct an INVESTIGATION by independent researchers of FERC’s procedures.

  • Based on investigation results, REVISE and UPDATE FERC’s POLICIES to reflect the critical need to decrease fossil fuel reliance and rapidly expand renewable energy technologies.

  • Enact a MORATORIUM on new fossil fuel infrastructure approvals by FERC until the investigation is complete and changes are implemented.

Petition by Emily Norton:

Posted 2015 Oct 12

FERC Denies
Expedited Service
SPB FOIA Request;
SPB Files Appeal

Save Passamaquoddy Bay has appealed FERC's denial of Expedited Service for SPB's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

FERC indicated that SPB has not demonstrated that it is primarily engaged in news dissemination. SPB has appealed that decision, providing copious evidence of its role as a news provider regarding LNG projects in Passamaquoddy Bay and in North America.

FERC has previously taken as long as one full year to comply with SPB's FOIA requests.

The Passing of Our Friend & Ally

Dr. James Fay

Concord, Massachusetts
1923 November 1 – 2015 June 2

We only recently learned of the passing of our friend and ally Professor Emeritus Dr. James Fay, who died on June 2nd at the age of 91.

Professor Fay was a world-recognized expert on the hazards of LNG and other liquefied gases, and had interest and expertise in the environment and in many other areas. He was elected into the National Academy of Engineering in 1998.

We grieve his passing.


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Posted 2015 Sep 29

SPB Files
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

Save Passamaquoddy Bay has requested minutes from FERC to determine the exact reason for suspending its Bi-Weekly Telephone Conferences on Downeast LNG.

When will Downeast LNG finally implode?

Posted 2015 Sep 15

Something Unusual is Going On

FERC's DeLNG Bi-Weekly Conference Calls
Have Been Suspended

Downeast LNG is mired
in the
LNG Market Reality Quicksand

When will Downeast LNG finally sink?

Source: FERC Docket No. PF14-19, Accession No. 20150915-4001

Posted 2015 Sep 12

House of Cards
Starting to Collapse

Economic realities are settling in.

        • Price is unprofitable and predicted to get worse;

        • Market oversupply is about to explode;

        • Demand in Asia and Europe is unfavorable and falling.

LNG export projects are starting to fold.

When will Downeast LNG finally topple?

Source: News stories posted on 2015 September 12.


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Posted 2015 Aug 20

Coast Guard's
Former Top Lawyer
Now Vice Commandant; Has Admitted LNG Ships Cannot Transit Into Passamaquoddy Bay

“Without being a party to the Law of the Sea Convention, we [the US] cannot avail ourselves of the dispute-resolution provisions.”

— CAPT. Charles Michel
2007 Dec 12

According to then-Capt. Charles Michel, Chief of Maritime & International Law in 2007, since the US is not a party to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), the US has no legal standing to challenge Canada's prohibition of LNG ships in Passamaquoddy Bay. Downeast LNG has no way to receive or send LNG, the very essence of its project.

Vice-Admiral Michel was promoted to Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard on 2015 Aug 17.

US Coast Guard Receives New Vice Commandant [Press release], US Coast Guard, 2015 Aug 17;
U.S. Coast Guard Officer Claims Canadian PM Disregarded President Bush's Request for LNG Tanker Passage, LNG Law Blog, 2007 Dec 12.


The Passing of a Dear Friend

Dr. James Venart

Petitcodiac, NB
September 28, 1934 – July 29, 2015

Dr. Venart, was a professor emeritus in mechanical engineering at University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, NB, where he had also served as mechanical engineering department chair for eight years. He was a member of the Society of Professional Engineers and of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

Jim was a world authority on fire and explosion, and his research papers have been published over more than two decades in many respected journals. He was a frequent presenter at international conferences on the consequences of fire and explosion.

Dr. Venart provided considerable expertise to Save Passamaquoddy Bay, including mathematical modeling and resulting research paper, including a presentation to the US Department of Transportation Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regarding PHMSA's flawed LNG design release assumptions.

He will be sorely missed.

Posted 2015 Jul 6

DeLNG to File
Formal FERC Application
in December
Maine Applications
in late 2015–early 2016

Source: FERC Docket No. PF14-19, Accession No. 20150706-4009

Posted 2015 Jul 2

July 11 Rally Postponed

The Save Passamaquoddy Bay Rally scheduled for July 11
has been postponed.

— Stay Tuned —


Posted 2014 Jun 24

IECA* Delivers Scathing
Rebuke to US DOE**

IECA Moves to Suspend or Deny DOE
Approval of Downeast LNG Exporting to Non-Free Trade Agreement Nations

— DOE has Violated the Natural Gas Act —

Since Downeast LNG has not completed the required NEPA process (and is such a tenuous project that it has little prospect of properly completing that process) DOE has violated its own policy — and the Natural Gas Act — by providing its export approval to Downeast LNG.

IECA observes that 'public interest' in DOE's view is whatever benefits a few natural gas resource owners and export terminal owners — in conflict with Justice Brandeis’ concept that the public interest is that which produces the most good for the most people.

* IECA — Industrial Energy Consumers of America
** DOE — US Department of Energy

Read ICEA's Motion to the DOE (PDF; 944 KB)

Posted 2014 Jun 2

Petition FERC
Protect Consumers
Engage the Public

In 1978 — 37 years ago — a law was passed establishing a consumer office at FERC with intervenor funding — but has never been created!

Sign the Petition Now!


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Posted 2014 Apr 25
Updated Apr 27

Downeast LNG's Dean Girdis
Proposes 2 LNG Projects
in Nova Scotia —
1 Export Terminal
& 1 Bunkering* Facility:

"Nova Scotia LNG"

Is Girdis hedging against his
Downeast LNG pending failure?

* Bunkering — refueling of ships; in this case, refueling LNG-powered ships.

See: Two new small-scale LNG facilities planned for Nova Scotia: developer, Platts, 2015 Apr 24

Posted 2014 Apr 15

FERC's New Chairman
Norman C. Bay
Sworn In on April 4

Term expires on 2018 Jun 30

Read Chairman Bay's Statement on being named FERC Chairman.

See: Chairman Bay's FERC webpage


Posted 2015 Mar 30

Sen. Angus King
Joins 15 Other Senators
Opposing More LNG Exports
Letter to Dept. of Energy
Sec. Moniz

Senators Stand For the Public Interest

PDF file Franken Letter to Moniz re LNG Exports, 2015 Feb 11, (PDF; 512 KB)


Posted 2015 Mar 27

Maine Bill H.P. 600
Would Allow
Public Utilities Commission
to Contract for
LNG Storage & Distribution

In a Rural, Low-Income
Maine Community

Required to provide 100,000 dekatherms (1 million m³) of natural gas per day.

Was this Bill designed specifically
for Downeast LNG?

Proposed by Representative Barry J. Hobbins (D-Saco)

PDF file An Act to Allow the Public Utilities Commission to Contract for Liquefied Natural Gas Storage & Distribution, 2015 Mar 12, Legislative Document No. 881, 127th Maine Legislature (PDF; 118 KB)


Posted 2015 Mar 16
Revised 2015 Mar 16

Downeast LNG
Anticipates Completing Its
Draft Resource Reports
Around June 1

Anticipates Filing
Its Formal FERC
Application to Export
on September 1



Posted 2015 Mar 15

Downeast LNG
Applied to DOE on 2014 Oct 15
to Export to
Non-Free Trade Agreement

Application is to export 168 billion cubic feet (Bct) per year,
or approximately 0.46 Bcf per day.


Posted 2015 Mar 12

Department of Energy
Approves Exports by
Downeast LNG
Free Trade Agreement Countries

FERC & State Permits
Still Required


Posted 2015 Mar 11
Updated 2015 Mar 12

FERC General Counsel
Attempts to Intimidate
Save Passamaquoddy Bay
Researcher & Webmaster

It Isn't Working!

SPB Challenges FERC's Opinion

FERC lawyer claims free speech is not really free
when he says so

See: FERC General Counsel's Non-Decisional-Response on the FERC docket.
See: Save Passamaquoddy Bay's 2015 Mar 12 response on the FERC docket.



Posted 2015 Feb 26

Sen. Angus King
Opposes LNG Exports

>>> Finally! <<<
>>> A Maine US Senator <<<
>>> Takes the Right Stand on LNG <<<


Source: King Expresses Support for Natural Gas Pipeline, Opposition to LNG Exports,
The Free Press, 2015 Feb 26


Posted 2015 Feb 13

>>> LNG Demand Crashes <<<

The LNG Bubble Has Burst

Just as more LNG becomes available,
Asian demand has crashed.

Over 10% of world LNG tankers sit idle in Singapore.

Source: LNG tankers lie unused around Singapore as gas downturn turns to crisis, 2015 Feb 13


Posted 2015 Feb 10

FERC Legal Department
Takes Notice of
Save Passamaquoddy Bay

FERC General Counsel
to Present SPB Complaint to
Counsel Staff & Gas Projects Staff

FERC's Lack of Timely Response
to Public Stakeholders' Comments
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Source: PDF fileEmail from FERC General Counsel David Morenoff, 2015 Feb 10 (PDF file; 221 KB)



Posted 2015 Jan 15

Scientists Take On FERC's
Faulty Safe-Siting Policy

Premier Vapor Dispersion, Fire & Explosion Experts
Dr. Jerry Havens & Dr. James Venart
Criticize FERC's Draft EIS of
Jordan Cove LNG in Oregon

Much of the criticism also applies to
FERC's coddling of Downeast LNG

Source: Docket No. CP13-483, Accession No.20150114-5038, FERC eLibrary, 2015 Jan 14


Posted 2015 Jan 9

>>> Hell Freezes Over, AGAIN <<<

LNG Ship Runs Aground

An incident that LNG industry proponents want you to believe cannot happen JUST HAPPENED!

Source: Teekay confirms Magellan Spirit LNG carrier aground off Bonny, LNG World News, 2015 Jan 9


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