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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21



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Posted 2008 Nov 21
Revised DEC 2

FERC Public Scoping
for Calais LNG proposal

— Dec 4 —


This begins FERC's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process for CLNG's project application.

Public verbal and written comments will be received at the Scoping Session, and can be submitted in writing through 5PM Dec 22.

— We urge you to attend —

See December Calendar for details

2008 Nov 6

Maine BEP unanimously agrees to allow QBLNG withdrawal

The Maine Board of Environmental Protection's Nov 6 hearing lasted just five minutes before voting unanimously to approve withdrawal from the state permitting process.

QBLLC's attorney argued that…

due to energy markets*

…and world economy they aren't able to finance the product.

* There is a 100-year glut of natural gas in the U.S., eliminating the need for additional US LNG import facilities.

2008 Oct 24

FERC Warns
Downeast Pipeline

FERC has issued a letter of warning to
Downeast Pipeline LLC — Downeast LNG's pipeline
company that would carry DeLNG's natural gas
to the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline.

Go to FERC's eLibrary Docket page to download this letter

2008 Oct 21

Calais LNG
Corrects False Claim

In its 2008 Sep 23 Monthly Pre-filing Status Report No. 1 to FERC, Calais LNG falsely claimed: "Met with 'Save Passamaquoddy Bay' on August 20, 2008."

On Oct 15, Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-nation alliance filed a comment to the FERC CLNG docket repudiating CLNG's claim and requesting FERC to require substantiation of all claims made by CLNG in its reports to FERC.

On Oct 21, Calais LNG filed a revised report, replacing the false claim with "Attended Save Passamaquoddy Bay meeting on August 20, 2008" [referring to the SPB/Canada annual public meeting in St. Andrews].

Calais LNG has never had a meeting
with Save Passamaquoddy Bay.

Go to FERC's eLibrary Docket page…
Calais LNG's original filing (see page 6, next-to-last line)
Calais LNG's revised filing (see page 6, next-to-last line)

2008 Oct 17


2008 Oct 17

Quoddy Bay LNG
and all of its related projects
from Federal review

— An historic first by FERC —

FERC's Order of Dismissal Letter download page

2008 Sep 19

Voices of the Bay Choral Festival poster

“Voices of the Bay”
Choral Festival


Sep 26

Sep 27

Sep 28
Oct 5*

 St. Andrews 


 Grand Manan 

* Rescheduled due to hurricane

Help Support
Save Passamaquoddy Bay
>> Attend one of these concerts! <<

Read the Details

2008 Sep 11

Calais LNG’s financial partner
Goldman Sachs says…

Importing LNG into US no longer necessary!

Read more

Posted 2008 Aug 19

Natural gas industry worried about a natural gas glut!

New Freeport LNG import terminal applies to export LNG!

Enormous domestic natural gas supplies are defeating LNG speculators!

The LNG bubble has burst!

Read about the natural gas glut and Freeport LNG's export application.

Posted 2008 Aug 11

Birchbark Canoe
price generously reduced
by maker to just $15,000!

Renowned Passamaquoddy artist David Moses Bridges has generously donated his fee for the Museum-quality Birchbark Canoe we are using to raise funds.

Go to our Canoe page for particulars

Posted 2008 Aug 11

SPB gets Maine
Dept. of Environmental Protection
LNG page removed

Since Downeast LNG withdrew from the Maine permitting process, their application materials’ continued presence on the website was invalid and inappropriate. At the request of SPB webmaster,’s LNG page was taken down on 2008 Aug 10.

Removed page that no longer works:
Maine DEP: LNG Information

Posted 2008 Aug 3

LNG imports for the
entire United States
fall 50% below
Quoddy Bay LNG’s
proposed import capacity

The entire country is importing less LNG per day than Quoddy Bay LNG would process per day.

The LNG bubble has burst.

“Bleak future” is the appropriate term for Quoddy Bay LNG, Downeast LNG, and Calais LNG.

Read the Reuters story in Forbes
“Analysis—US natgas price slide dims LNG import hopes”

Posted 2008 Jul 30

“US has more than a century's worth of gas reserves

“This study authoritatively refutes head-on the mistaken belief that we do not have sufficient supply.”

— Denise Bode, president of ACSF & CEO of gas producer Chesapeake Energy.

Read story in Platts
PDF documentRead the Report (PDF; 9.8 MB)

Posted 2008 Jul 25

DOE releases
Sandia National Laboratories' report:

Spills Over Water
from Large LNG Carriers”

Thermal Hazard Distance
would be 7–8% Greater
than previous studies have shown

Download PDF file of Sandia Report 2008 (338 KB)

Posted 2008 Jun 26

Calais LNG's Claims vs LNG Reality

Save Passamaquoddy Bay compares statements made by Calais LNG with the economic and infrastructure realities in the LNG industry.

Read the comparisons

Posted 2008 Jun 19

4th Annual

Celebrate Passamaquoddy Bay

A Flotilla from Head Harbour Light to Eastport

Join the Flotilla
Greet the Flotilla from the Eastport Fish Pier!

July 1

Bad Weather Date: July 5

Read More

Posted 2008 Jun 7

BEP has issued June 16 deadline
to parties in the QBLNG
permitting process
for responding to DeLNG's
motion to deny QBLNG's permits

Re Quoddy Bay LNG abusing State process

Posted 2008 Jun 3
Updated Jun 5

Calais LNG has submitted
its application prefiling to FERC

FERC Docket No. PF08-24-000

Posted 2008 Jun 3

Robbinston Residents request
DEP Deny QBLNG Permit

Quoddy Bay LNG abusing State process

PDF documentDownload the Motion (PDF; 76.5 KB)

Posted 2008 Apr 25

FERC Suspends Review
of Quoddy Bay LNG

PDF documentDownload FERC's announcement (PDF,15.6 KB)

Posted 2008 Apr 20

NNSPB alliance NN member
David Moses Bridges participates in
UN Forum on Indigenous Issues

April 21 – May 2

at United Nations in New York

LNG terminal in Passamaquoddy Bay
is a Forum issue

Read more

Posted 2008 Apr 8

US Senators co-sponsor bill
to revoke FERC LNG terminal
siting authority

List of Co-sponsors
Read Sen. Wyden's news release
Read about Senate Bill # S. 2822

2008 Apr 6

Quoddy Bay's Brian Smith fabricates
M&NE Pipeline information
in letter to Maine BEP

Go to the proof
Read Brian's Letter to the BEP (PDF 177.1 KB)

2008 Mar 14

QBLNG update to BEP

Brian Smith requests delay
of state permitting — again!
This time, until June!

— Not confirmed by BEP as of Mar 20 —

Read Brian's Letter to the BEP (PDF 177.1 KB)

2008 Feb 29

Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy
Tribal Government
objects to proposed
DeLNG pipeline route option #6
under Tribe's islands
in St. Croix River;
Chief demands pipeline route be moved

Download PDF (160 KB)

2008 Feb 29

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Intervenes in FERC
DeLNG Pipeline Application

Download PDF (3.3 MB)

2008 Feb 29

Quoddy Bay LNG reports to FERC that they have nothing to report

Download QBLNG filing to FERC

2008 Feb 13

Quoddy Bay LNG’s
“Winter 2008 Newsletter”

Quoddy Bay LNG's newsletters haven't been provided online on their website for some time, now. (The last one published to their site, as of this writing, is dated September 2006.)

Perhaps that's because — as reflected in the lack of substance in their Winter 2008 edition that was bulk mailed around the area — Quoddy Bay LNG isn't making any progress.

In the meantime, the Northeast Energy Deepwater Port off Gloucester, Massachusetts, is ready to receive its first cargo, Canaport will be finished around the end of 2008, and the Suez deepwater port off Gloucester will be completed around a year later. Quoddy Bay LNG and the other two proposed Passamaquoddy Bay projects may be finally realizing that they're beating a dead horse.

2008 Feb 11

LNG tanker loses power off Cape Cod

Read AP News Story on Boston Herald website

Posted 2008 Feb 5

LNG Strategy Session

Saturday, Feb 9
2–4 pm ET / 3–5 pm AT

Eastport Arts Center
Washington Street
Eastport, ME


Posted 2008 Jan 11

Jenna L. Sullivan Memorial Concert

Concert by musicians featured in
Jenna Sullivan's 2008 Calendar,
"Musical Men of Passamaquoddy Bay"

— Saturday, January 26 —
Van Horne Ballroom
Fairmount Algonquin Hotel
St. Andrews, NB

Proceeds to benefit Save Passamaquoddy Bay


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