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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21



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2007 December 20

Congressman Tom Allen
spams Save Passamaquoddy Bay

Even though Congressman Allen won't answer our questions regarding his position on LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay — presumably because we aren't in his Congressional District — he, nevertheless, has sent us his promotional email, hoping to win our votes in his upcoming election against Senator Susan Collins.

That's known as illicit email — email "spam."

For the record — nearly 600 days after asking — Sen. Collins, Sen. Olympia Snowe and Cong. Mike Michaud also won't answer our questions; however, at least they have responded with non-compliant political gibberish. Cong. Allen hasn't even given us the courtesy of a reply.

See facsimile of Cong. Allen's email spam

2007 December

Energy Information Agency (EIA),
US Department of Energy,
predicts sharp decline in natural gas consumption, higher prices by 2030

"EIA Annual energy outlook 2008 (early release)":
| Energy trends to 2030 | Energy Prices | Energy Consumption |

2007 Nov 28

FERC has no TRI reporting requirements
for LNG terminal applicants

Three FERC officials have indicated to SPB by telephone that they know of no requirements for LNG terminal applicants to demonstrate that they have Title, Right, or Interest (TRI) in land.

This means that unscrupulous developers could make fraudulent claims of TRI — or could lose TRI and hope to regain it without notifying FERC — and FERC, and all the other involved federal agencies, might continue to waste taxpayers' money on the application process when the applicant can't use the land.

Is this responsible government?

2007 Nov 15

Maine BEP reverses itself,
allows Downeast LNG withdrawal


NEARLY A FULL YEAR AFTER APPLYING for its state permits in 2006 December…


They're back at square one.

— More bad news for DeLNG investors —

2007 Oct 25

Maine BEP disallows
Downeast LNG withdrawal


Permitting process placed on hold


DeLNG attempt to block public testimony from record is rejected

— Bad news for DeLNG investors —

US Fish & Wildlife denies
DeLNG pipeline route through
Moosehorn NWR

Maine Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) issues decision re DeLNG request to strike public testimony

BEP strikes only testimony outside the Board's perview (i.e., public safety, impacts on Canada)

Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, Submerged Lands Program submits concerns about Quoddy Bay LNG site selection, LNG processing platform, pier length & waterway suitability

State Denies DeLNG Request to Withdraw State Application

Nulankeyutomonen Nkihtahkomikumon
(We Take Care of Our Homeland)
Wins in US Court of Appeals

BIA Case goes back to District Court

PM Harper to President Bush: No Tankers

Canada has again, at the highest level, asserted its authority to prevent LNG ship transits into Passamaquoddy Bay

LNG projects on the skids

FERC notifies DeLNG & QBLNG
that both projects are in abeyance
until the applicants can satisfy
US Coast Guard Waterway Suitability
information requirements

US Coast Guard
Waterway Suitability Report
cannot be completed

Captain of the Port indicates to FERC that the USCG cannot provide a Waterway Suitability Report for either DeLNG or QBLNG.


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