The Saint Croix Courier

St. Stephen, NB

2009 May 8

PREMIER: We’re no pals o’LNG


ST. STEPHEN - The provincial government still opposes the establishment of any LNG projects in Passamaquoddy Bay and Premier Shawn Graham says that any recent confusion over the issue was caused by miscommunication.

Graham, who was in St. Stephen earlier this week to see how Ganong Bros. used to make Pal-o-Mine bars and other treats, was referring to a CBC story that implied the provincial government was softening its stance on LNG tankers travelling through Passamaquoddy Bay. The story said Energy Minister Jack Keir had stated the province was not opposed to the proposed LNG terminals in Maine. Further comments by the minister seemed to suggest that if both the Canadian and American federal governments suggested the terminals in Maine were safe, the province would be in agreement.

But the premier set the record straight Tuesday.

“Clearly our position has not changed,” he said.

“In fact we have invested over $400,000 to date in the legal challenge,” he said, referring to the New Brunswick government’s submissions to the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) supporting the Canadian federal government’s opposition to LNG tanker traffic in Passamaquoddy Bay. “As a province we are in favour of liquefied natural gas development as long as it is in the proper location,” said Graham.

“And we feel that the location of an LNG site within the Passamaquoddy Bay is not the right location. That’s why we’re in the FERC process.”


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