Passamaquoddy Bay & LNG Events

2011 January

Jan 31

1–4 pm ET / 2–5 pm AT
Performing Arts Center
University of Maine at Machias

Regulatory Relief & Fairness Committee
Field Hearing

Join the SPB Carpool to the hearing

Governor LePage wants to gut Maine's environmental protection laws, including reducing environmental permitting time down from the current average of 6 months to an irresponsibly-short 30 days — probably less time than required to do a proper job, and certainly less time than would allow for appropriate public participation. See…

LePage also supports the moot, job-killing Downeast LNG proposal in Passamaquoddy Bay.

>>> Please attend the Machias hearing <<<

See Carpool information below

  • Support proper state environmental permitting
  • Oppose inappropriate LNG in Passamaquoddy bay

You may want to attend other Field Hearings around the state:

  • Jan 24 Presque Isle, NMCC 1–4pm ET / 2–5pm AT
  • Jan 26 Belfast, Hutchinson Center, 3–6pm ET / 4–7pm AT
  • Feb 2 Bangor, EMCC3–6pm ET / 4–7pm AT
  • Feb 3 Auburn, CMCC, 3–6pm ET / 4–7pm AT
  • Feb 7, Sanford, Town Hall, 3–6pm ET / 4–7pm AT
  • Feb 9, South Portland, SMCC 3–6pm ET / 4–7pm AT
  • Feb 14, Augusta, Cross State Bldng, 3–6pm ET / 4–7pm AT

Join the SPB Carpool to the hearing

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  • are willing to drive, or
  • need a ride:

Call (24 hours a day: (207) 853-2922 or

— If driving, please indicate how many passengers you can take;
— Please indicate how many people in your group;
— If you need a ride, please leave directions to your location;
— Please leave your name and phone number;
— Please leave a voice message if necessary.

Save Passamaquoddy Bay will respectfully, but firmly,
let Gov. LePage know that gutting Maine's environmental protection
is unacceptable
Save Passamaquoddy Bay will not relent re LNG in the bay!


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