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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21


FERC eLibrary
Calais LNG Formal Application
Comment Filings List

Docket Number CP10-31 & CP10-32

2010 May

Listed here in Ascending Date Order by Date Posted to FERC eLibrary.
NOTE: The Docket List on the FERC website is in Date Order by Date Filed, rather than by Date Posted.

Color Key: Project Developer, Contractors & Supporters
Project Opponents
Project Neutral
Unknown, non-public comments

2010 May

May 3

Filed By: INDIVIDUAL [Marion Freeman]
Filed Date: 5/3/2010
Accession No: 20100503-0054
Description: Comments of Marion Freeman re the proposed Calais Maine LNG terminals under the leadership and partnerships of Goldman Sachs under CP10-32.

Summary: This Maine resident who has a lifelong connection with Passamaquoddy Bay and its communities argues there is no market justification for the Calais LNG project, since there is over 200-years' worth of domestic supply; that the project would harm the area; and that LNG would simply be adding reliance on another polluting fossil fuel.

Information: FILE LIST

May 5

Filed By: INDIVIDUAL [A. Lee Sackett]
Filed Date: 5/5/2010
Accession No: 20100505-0109
Description: Comments of A. Lee Sackett re Calais LNG under CP10-32.

Summary: This Saint Andrews resident enumerates why Calais LNG is inappropriately sited.

Information: FILE LIST

May 17

Filed By: Calais LNG Project Company, LLC
Filed Date: 5/17/2010
Accession No: 20100517-5066
Description: Response of Calais LNG Project Company, LLC and Calais LNG Pipeline Company, LLC to the April 27, 2010 Data Request from FERC Staff under Docket No. CP10-31, et. al..

Summary: Calais LNG responds to FERC Office of Energy Projects Data Request regarding construction funds for the project.

Information: FILE LIST

May 19

Filed By: INDIVIDUAL [Edward E. Michener]
Filed Date: 5/19/2010
Accession No: 20100519-4009
Description: Comments of Edward E Michener re the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas proposals being brought forth regarding Passamaquoddy Bay under CP07-52 et al.

Summary: This non-intervenor opposes Calais LNG due to the economic and environmental harm it would impose.

Information: FILE LIST

May 20

Filed By: INDIVIDUAL [Lucinda Flemer]
Filed Date: 5/20/2010
Accession No: 20100520-0077
Description: Comments of Lucinda Flemer re the Calais LNG under CP10-32.

Summary: This non-intervenor opposes Calais LNG due to lack of need, the added costs to communities, the harm it would do to neighboring communities, and in opposition to Goldman Sachs greed at the expense to the area. She also points out Government of Canada prohibition of LNG transits into Passamaquoddy Bay.

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