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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21

St. Andrews LNG Forum
New Brunswick

Crowd of around 1200 people

2005 August 22

Photographs © 2005 Old Sow Publishing

About 1,200 people from around Passamaquoddy Bay attended. Problems with fog prevented ferry services on Deer Island, NB, and Grand Manan, NB, from bringing even more people.


Passamaquoddy prayer
The forum began with a Passamaquoddy prayer...
Passamaquoddy singing ...sweetgrass smudging
of the arena...
Sweetgrass smudging
...and singing by Passamaquoddy Tribal
members from both sides of the Bay.
Gary Cook
Campobello Island fisherman Gary Cook sang his song, "Head Harbour Lighthouse."
Arthur MacKay
Marine biologist Arthur MacKay gave a thorough presentation on the marine, social, and economic assets that would be negatively affected by an LNG terminal here.
Linda Godfrey
Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance coordinator Linda Godfrey spoke on the importance of all communities around the bay working together to make life better by utilizing our existing assets and abilities.
Charlie Atherton, flew to the forum from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Quoddy Bay LLC had used the Lake Charles LNG facility as a model site while wooing the Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Tribal Government to partner with them.

Charlie Atherton
Atherton discussed how — like water makes a desert bloom — LNG attracts many other types of heavy, polluting industries, irreversibly destroying the natural assets around the industrialized area, as has happened at Lake Charles.

See our page "A Conversation with Charlie Atherton."

Large screen monitor and crowd
The Town of St. Andrews went to great expense to provide sound, lighting, and visual services to the attentive crowd.
MP Greg Thompson
Member of Parliament Greg Thompson advocated preventing tankers with hazardous cargos from traversing Head Harbour Passage.
Politicians from several New Brunswick communities spoke out against LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay.

On the other hand, Downeast LNG and Quoddy Bay LLC, who, respectively had originally asked for the forum, and to appear at the forum — along with numerous Maine politicians who were personally invited by the St. Andrews Mayor Craig to present their views regarding LNG — all failed to appear.

The developers and pro-LNG Maine politicians apparently weren't able to provide convincing-enough reasons to support an LNG facility in Passamaquoddy Bay.

Rick Doucet, Member of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly, representing Charlotte County
Shawn Graham, Leader of the Provincial Liberal Party and Official Opposition
Mayor of St. Stephen
Mayor of Blacks Harbour
Stan Smith, Mayor of St. George
St. Andrews Mayor John Craig
Terry James, Mayor of Blacks Harbour
St. Andrews Mayor John Craig led
a chant, "'No' means 'no'!" to LNG.
Representative of the Sierra Club, Canada. New Brunswick Passamaquoddy member (left) with a representative of Indian and Northern Affairs (right).
Jon Bradgon of Eastport
Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Tribal member
Several people from many communities around the bay spoke their minds regarding LNG.
Eastport resident
Gary Cook of Campobello Island
Campobello Island resident and fisherman
Politicians with "No LNG" buttons
Several politicians sported "No LNG" buttons.

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