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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21


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2014 June 5Exposé & Indictment of the FERC Environmental Impact Statement Process

2016 February 25Save Passamaquoddy Bay Complaint Against FERC Filed to US Department of Justice

Save Passamaquoddy Bay's
2014 June 5
Exposé & Indictment
of the
FERC Environmental Impact Statement Process

There are six (6) files:

  1. The Exposé & Indictment
  2. 01_indictment_of_FERC_EIS_process.pdf (344 KB)

  3. LNG ship Hazard Zones Encompassing Tribal Land, State Scenic Turnouts, Robbinston Elementary School, and St. Andrews Blockhouse National Historic Site
  4. 02_AppendixF_pg4F3.pdf (2.20 MB)

  5. LNG Ship Hazard Zones Engulfing Tribal Lands
  6. 03_AppendixF_pg4F3.pdf (2.95 MB)

  7. LNG Ship Hazard Zone 1 Engullfing Land at Wilson's Beach, Campobello Island
  8. 04_AppendixF_pg5F4.pdf (2.41 MB)

  9. LNG Ship Hazard Zones Engulfing Roosevelt Campobello International Park Land at Liberty Point
  10. 05_AppendixF_pg6F5.pdf (2.08 MB)

  11. Photosimulation of Proposed Vapor Barrier Adjacent to State of Maine-designated Scenic Turnouts
  12. 06_vapor_fence.jpg (329 KB)

Save Passamaquoddy Bay's
2016 February 25
Law Violations Complaint Against FERC
Filed to the
US Department of Justice

There are 42 files; two are JPEG files and the rest are PDF files.

Each filename prefix number (e.g., 01_obama…, and 31_01_FERC…) indicates the file's footnote number in the complaint document.

There are two ways to download:

  1. All files at once as a single compressed ZIP file (32.07 MB)
  2. Download files individually by using the links below. (All files are individually-compressed ZIP files.)

The remaining files, below, are cited as footnotes in the Main Document.

  1. 01_Obama_Memo_2009jan21.pdf (175 KB)
    President Obama memo instructing Agencies to abide by the Freedom of Information Act.
  2. 02_AG_Memo_to_Departments_and_Agencies_2009.pdf (194 KB)
    Attorney General memo to Agency heads instructing them to abide by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
  3. 03_FERC_FOIA_Memo_link.jpg (662 KB)
    Screenshot of link on FERC webpage leading to President Obama's memo instructing them to abide by the Freedom of Information Act.
  4. 04_FOIA_RequestFormData_FOIA-2015-129_Robert_Godfrey.pdf (67 KB)
    FERC Electronic FOIA Request Form containing Save Passamaquoddy Bay's FOIA request data.
  5. 07-1_2015Oct27_DETERMINATION_email.pdf (133 KB)
    FERC FOIA request DETERMINATION - RELEASE LETTER to Save Passamaquoddy Bay.
  6. 07-2_2015Oct27_Email_Attachments.pdf (296 KB)
    FERC FOIA response containing two heavily-redacted documents, with supposed rationale for the heavy redaction.
  7. 08_SUPPLEMENTAL_RESPONSE_FY15-129_Robert Godfrey.pdf (2.0 MB)
    Letter sent to SPB by FERC after FERC FOIA office "discovered" 10 additional documents after SPB complained to General Counsel & FERC Secretary.
  8. 09_BrendaGreer_FOIA_Appeal_FY15-129.pdf (75 KB)
    Communiqué to SPB from FERC General Council's office, claiming that SPB's request for expedited service was moot.
  9. 10_FERC_Fiscal_Year_2017_Budget_Request.pdf (2.54 MB)
    FERC's 2015 Annual Performance Report & 2017 Budget Request.
  10. 19_Re-RobertGodfrey-Clarification-RefNumber-FOIA-11-74.pdf (201 KB)
    2011 communiqué from SPB to FERC FOIA office regarding FERC's claim that it does not keep a permitting checklist.
  11. 19_Second_Request_to_Comply.pdf (85 KB)
    2011 SPB second request to FERC FOIA office for FOIA Request compliance.
  12. 21_20140805-5020(29697422).pdf (91 KB)
    SPB filing to FERC docket enumerating FERC Environmental Justice violations.
  13. 21_Whole_Bay_Study_complete_portfolio.pdf (10.52 MB)
    A study by respected rural economic development company Yellow Wood Associates of the fiscal and economic impacts on Passamaquoddy Bay communities that would result from a generic liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal.
  14. 22_Blockhouse_Cannon_Riot_and_Confederation.pdf (270 KB)
    A history lesson to FERC regarding US-Canada relations.
  15. 23_Passamaquoddy Tribal Objections.pdf (176 KB)
    Passamaquoddy Tribe objections to the proposed Downeast LNG terminal.
  16. 24_20140620-5008(29520319).pdf (84 KB)
    Passamaquoddy Indian Township Tribal Government objection to the Downeast LNG project proposal.
  17. 26_Canada_Opposes_DeLNG_20130517-5139(28406474).pdf (56 KB)
    Canada's Ambassador to the US statement of Canada's objection to the proposed Downeast LNG project, and Canada's refusal to cooperate with safe and secure LNG transits to/from that terminal.
  18. 28_FY16-Budget-Request.pdf (2.42 MB)
    FERC's 2016 Budget Request.
  19. 29_PHMSA_49CFR_Part193_interpretation_request.pdf (160 KB)
    SPB request to PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) for an interpretation of 49 CFR Part 193 regarding vapor barrier integrity from impact resulting in contemporaneous LNG release.
  20. 30_Advocate_Office.pdf (83 KB)
    Over 37 years ago, Congress provided for a FERC Office of Consumer Advocate and Public Participation. FERC has never budgeted or established that office.
    2011 communiqué from FERC FOIA office indicating that FERC does not maintain a permitting-requirement checklist.
  22. 31_01_FERC_abuses_stakeholder_interests.pdf (80 KB)
    SPB statement of FERC abusing stakeholder interests.
  23. 31_02_FERC_Processes_for_Natural_Gas_Certificate.pdf (119 KB)
    FERC flowchart for Processing Natural Gas Certificates.
  24. 31_03_FERC_EIS_Pre-filing_Env_Review_Process.pdf (127 KB)
    FERC Pre-Filing Review flow chart.
  25. 32_Email_from_FERC_General_Counsel_Morenoff.pdf (135 KB)
    Email from FERC General Counsel acknowledging receipt of SPB's complaint against FERC for failing to provide timely responses to public stakeholder comments to the docket.
  26. 33_01_20140605-5124(29457203).pdf (160 KB)
    Exposé & Indictment of FERC Environmental (EIS) process.
  27. 33_02_20140605-5124(29457204).pdf (2.2 MB)
    Downeast LNG ship transit Hazard Zones leading to proposed terminal.
  28. 33_03_20140605-5124(29457205).pdf (2.95 MB)
    Downeast LNG ship transit Hazard Zones engulfing Passamaquoddy Sipayik community.
  29. 33_04_20140605-5124(29457206).pdf (2.41 MB)
    Downeast LNG ship Hazard Zones engulfing Campobello Island, New Brunswick, communities, including Hazard Zone 1 in the Wilsons Beach community.
  30. 33_05_20140605-5124(29457207).pdf (2.08 MB)
    Downeast LNG ship Hazard Zone engulfing part of Roosevelt Campobello International Park.
  31. 33_06_20140605-5124(29457208).jpg (278 KB)
    Photosimulation of proposed Downeast LNG 30-ft-high vapor barrier along Highway US-1, and adjacent to State of Maine Scenic Turnouts.
  32. 33_07_20140625-5010(29539739).pdf (149 KB)
    Documentation of FERC's plethora of prevarications, speculations, errors, omissions, environmental justice violations, contradictions, and violations of the public interest contained in the FERC Downeast LNG Environmental Impact Statement.
  33. 33_08_20140625-5010(29539740).pdf (285 KB)
    Journal article abstract: Risk analysis based LNG facility siting standard in NFPA 59A.
  34. 33_09_20140625-5010(29539741).pdf (123 KB)
    Canaport LNG "About Us" webpage.
  35. 33_10_20140625-5010(29539742).pdf (116 KB)
    Canaport LNG "Need for LNG" webpage.
  36. 34_20141014-5108(29845120).pdf (86 KB)
    SPB condemnation of FERC acting as Downeast LNG's proxy for correcting a factual error in a filing, without Downeast LNG's involvement in the correction.
  37. 35_20151020-5031(30964087).pdf (117 KB)
    FERC's misleading Downeast LNG Project Area graphic.
  38. 35_20151020-5031(30964088).pdf (188 KB)
    Downeast LNG's "General Arrangement Plan" illustrating the actual proposed project area.
  39. 35_20151020-5031(30964089).pdf (1.37 MB)
    FERC update brochure cover showing incorrect project area: PROJECT UPDATE FOR THE DOWNEAST LNG IMPORT EXPORT PROJECT.
  40. Illustration_1.pdf (135 KB)
    Comparison of 2015 August 3 Conference Call summaries — the public docket document vs FERC's heavily-redacted FOIA response of the same document.
  41. Illustration_2.pdf (148 KB)
    Comparison of 2015 September 14 Conference Call summaries — the public docket document vs FERC's heavily-redacted FOIA response of the same document.


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