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Source: Green Recovery: A New Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy,” by John Podesta, 2008 Sep 9, Center for American Progress.

Compare that with the number of jobs the $500-million Downeast LNG project claims they will create — just 78 permanent direct jobs and 253 permanent indirect jobs — totalling 331 permanent jobs (according to the DeLNG website on 2009 May 19).

Clean energy would produce 8,500 jobs for that same investment — 8,169 more jobs than Downeast LNG!


Posted 2009 May 16

Downeast LNG
Draft Environmental Impact Statement released

— Comment Deadline is   2009 July 6 

On May 15, FERC released the 1,482-page Draft EIS (DEIS) for the Downeast LNG proposal.

The deadline for filing Comments about the DEIS is 2009 July 6.

Download the DEIS

Posted 2009 May 8

Premier Graham: NB firmly opposes LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay

New Brunswick’s Premier Graham corrects Energy Minister Jack Keir, who previously stated on the CBC that New Brunswick has never opposed — and is in favor of — LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay.

Graham unequivocally stated New Brunswick opposes LNG terminals in Passamaquoddy Bay.

Read the May 8 Saint Croix Courier article, PREMIER: We’re no pals o’LNG

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Living in the Hazard Zones

How Downeast LNG, Calais LNG, and defunct Quoddy Bay LNG would violate the LNG industry's own best practices by subjecting local populations — in Maine, Sipayik, and New Brunswick — to hazards from potential LNG releases.

The Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) is the de facto world authority on LNG safe practices. Their publication, “Site Selection and Design for LNG Ports and Jetties,” warns against siting LNG terminals where LNG vapors from a release or spill could affect civilian populations. The proposed local LNG projects violate that standard — along with dozens of others.



A campy video production starring area residents and rare creatures

Disaster looms when ruthless industrial developers invade a peaceful Maine seaside village. The Mermaid Queen is injured and powerless against this threat to her realm's natural beauty and traditional way of life. Now only the Queen's Elves and her faithful Sprite Robbinston Goodfellow can save Passamaquoddy Bay.

Incident at Pulpit Rock
See All three parts


Downeast LNG
at Town of Robbinston town meeting
Deadline for filing Comments
on Downeast LNG Draft EIS
FERC Issuance of Notice of Availability
of the Downeast LNG final EIS
FERC Authorization Decision Deadline
for the Downeast LNG application


Member of Parliament and Member of Cabinet Greg Thompson, referring to Downeast LNG's, Calais LNG's, and Quoddy Bay LNG's assertions they can defy Canada and transit LNG into Passamaquoddy Bay, even though the US Coast Guard Waterway Suitability Report requires they obtain Canada's cooperation before they can make such transits —
"They are simply dreaming in Technicolor. They can blame Canada, but the fact is they were late in the game and didn't do their homework when other companies had their homework completed."
— "MP vows to fight against bid to expand quarry: Environment Thompson says he will also continue opposition to proposed LNG plants in Maine," Telegraph-Journal, 2009 January 3.

Dr. Jerry Havens

“If about 3 million gallons of LNG spills onto the water from an LNG tanker ship, flammable vapors from the spill could travel up to 3 miles.”

Billy Frank Conference Center, Portland, OR — 2005 August 16.

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Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance Efforts

We believe that...



Legislation Watch

See our Legislation Watch page containing more information.

US House H.R. 2830
US Senate S. 1892

Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2008

H.R. 2830 —
Passed / agreed to in House — 4/24/2008
S. 1892 —

Follow this bill's progress (Last activity: 2008 Feb 5)

US Senate S. 2822

Repeal of FERC authority over LNG terminal siting

Follow this bill's progress (Last activity: 2008 Apr 30)

US House H.R. 6720

Natural Gas Strategy Act

Follow this bill's progress (Last activity: 2008 Jul 31)

US Senate S. 3441

Liquefied Natural Gas Import Terminal Authorization Act

Follow this bill's progress (Last activity: 2008 Aug 1)


Natural Gas Industry & Market Participants Say…

Read our entire Natural Gas Industry & Market Participants Report on its own dedicated page.



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Updated Congressional Delegation information on the following webpages to account for election of Congresswoman Chellie Pingree over Tom Allen in 2008:

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May 18

Calendar > 2009 June

  • Jun 16Downeast LNG at Town of Robbinston town meeting

Documents > FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
> Eminent Domain re LNG Terminals, & Natural Gas Pipelines

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May 16


  • 2009 May 15FERC has released DeLNG Draft Environmental Statement

Notable Quotes

  • 2005 Aug 16Dr. Jerry Havens’ statement about LNG vapor hazards existing up to 3-miles distant from an LNG release.(Dr. Havens helped develop the vapor dispersion hazard model used by the U.S. Government and the LNG industry.)

Resources & Links > LNG-related Organizations & Sites > Regional — West Coast (US, Canada, Mexico) > Oregon

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