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St. Stephen, NB

2008 Dec 26

2009 will be challenging, says St. Andrews mayor


ST. ANDREWS – As he looks forward to 2009, St. Andrews Mayor John Craig said St. Andrews will do everything possible to ensure the Bayside quarry does not expand to the east side of Route 127 and the town will continue its fight against liquefied natural gas developers in Passamaquoddy Bay.

“In early 2009, town council will be doing everything possible — legally and politically — to ensure that no permits are granted to allow quarrying on the opposite side of Route 127 in Bayside,”Craig said.

“This would be a huge mistake for the provincial government to allow this to happen in or near the Chamcook Lake watershed area. Our town’s water supply is at stake and our town’s future would be compromised. As people come to visit our scenic area they do not want to drive through an area that has been devastated by this type of operation.

“Town council will also be assisting Save Passamaquoddy Bay in their, and our, fight against liquefied natural gas terminals being set upon the Passamaquoddy Bay.”

The coming year will be a challenging one, said Mayor Craig, asthe world market conditions have affected the town but they are hoping for a positive tourist season in 2009.

“As a town we will focus on priorities and limit spending in order to maintain current services. Engineers will be concentrating on long term planning on water and waste water management which includes separation of wastewater and storm water.”

This winter, he said, the W.C. O’Neill Arena will be the home for the Saint Andrews Thrashers of the Senior A Southern Hockey League.

“The Thrashers are a highly competitive and finesse hockey team which should fill the stands when local rivals, the Blacks Harbour Silver Kings and St. Stephen Seahawks come to town. In the summer of 2009 St. Andrews welcomes the return of a hockey school at the W.C. O’Neill Arena.”

The Harry Mallory Sports Field will begin 2009 with a new building housing bathrooms and changing rooms, said Mayor Craig, which was made possible by a partnership between the Sir James Dunn Foundation, the provincial government, and the town.

With gas prices down and the U.S. election over, he said they anticipate a positive tourist season in 2009, which will not only stimulate St. Andrews but will help all of Charlotte County. As a town, said the mayor, they are proud of their history, charm and the natural beauty which people travel here to enjoy.

Craig also sent a message to Canada’s military families, particularly the Deerings. Pte. Christopher Deering, of St. Stephen, is recovering from serious injuries he suffered in a recent bombing in Afghanistan that killed three soliders.

“As we end 2009, our thoughts and prayers go out to all servicemen and women throughout the world who proudly wear the Canadian uniform in the name of peace. Our thoughts and prayers especially go out to the Deering family.” 


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