The Quoddy Tides

Eastport, Maine

2008 Feb 22

FERC to assess impact of new proposed LNG pipeline route

by Marie Jones Holmes

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is preparing an environmental impact statement (EIS) that will discuss the impacts of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project proposed by Downeast LNG Inc. and Downeast Pipeline LLC. FERC is the lead federal agency in the preparation of the EIS and is preparing the EIS in coordination with other cooperating agencies.

FERC is specifically requesting comments on the new proposed route, Option 6, which is a modification of the proposed natural gas sendout pipeline route to avoid crossing the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge. Comments concerning this notice of intent are requested by March 14.

The proposed amended route consists of approximately 29.8 miles of 30-inch diameter natural gas transmission pipeline; natural gas metering facilities; pigging facilities; and three mainline block valves. The total length of Option 6 is approximately 1.2 miles shorter than the previously proposed route, Option 4.

The new section of the pipeline around the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge is approximately 7.5 miles in length. Option 6 would follow the Option 4 route from milepost (MP) 0.0 to MP 10.2. Option 6 would depart from the Option 4 alignment at MP 10.2 and proceed northwest for approximately 1.4 miles, travel west for approximately 0.75 mile, and then run north for approximately 0.5 mile to Magurrewock Mountain. This route would then proceed to the south side of Magurrewock Mountain and cross U.S. Route 1. The route would then cross under the St. Croix River using a staged horizontal directional drill from MP 14.1 to MP 15.3. At MP 15.3, the alignment would parallel the Maine Central Railroad corridor along the St. Croix River. At MP 16.2, the pipeline would turn south away from the railroad corridor, turn southwest and parallel U.S. Route 1 for approximately 1.3 miles. At MP 17.7, the new route would intersect the Option 4 alignment along the existing Eastern Maine Electrical Cooperative electrical transmission line corridor. Thereafter, Option 6 follows the Option 4 alignment to its endpoint at the existing Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline's compressor station in Baileyville.


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