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Eastport, Maine

2008 Apr 25

Calais council votes in support of LNG project

by Marie Jones Holmes

The Calais City Council, in a vote held April 10, unanimously gave its support to the proposed Calais liquefied natural gas (LNG) project to be located within the city boundaries. Earlier, on April 8, the Calais City Council and the Calais Planning Board conducted a workshop meeting and heard members of the group proposing the project discuss their plans. Partners in the project include Rep. Ian Emery of Cutler, Art Gelber, a Houston-based energy consultant, and Carl Myers of Pennsylvania, also active in the natural gas industry.

Mayor Vinton Cassidy says the project developers are quite serious about the undertaking, and "we decided it was time to support it. We hope something is happening in this area. We need to get some jobs."

In a letter sent to Rep. Emery, the council voiced their support of the project, subject to meeting state and federal permitting requirements. The letter of support noted that the city is also offering the project assistance from the city manager and other town officers regarding zoning and shoreland regulations.

The proposed LNG site is located on a 300-acre parcel on the U.S. side of the St. Croix River between Devil's Head and St. Croix Island, seven miles from downtown Calais. The largest portion of the parcel is the former Fenderson property located across the river from the Canadian Bayside port operation. The LNG project would have 128 shoreline acres and 2,800 feet of waterfront. The project would have acreage on both sides of Route 1. Calais LLC partners have indicated the project would offer 250 construction jobs and 40 to 60 permanent operations and maintenance jobs. Mayor Cassidy stresses the need for alternative jobs in the Calais area.

Cassidy remarks that he finds it interesting that the mayor of St. Andrews has said that tourism and industry don't mix, yet a state-of-the-art LNG and regasification terminal is under construction in nearby Saint John.


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