The Saint Croix Courier

St. Stephen, NB

2007 Nov 6

Calendars will raise money for Save Passamaquoddy Bay


ST. ANDREWS — A calendar featuring up and coming musicians from all over Charlotte County went on sale this week with the proceeds going to Save Passamaquoddy Bay.

The project is the work of Jenna Sullivan, 23, who spent the summer living and working in St. Andrews. The calendar includes her own photographs of musicians such as Ryan LeBlanc, Adam Olmstead, and many others, and all profits will go to SPB.

Photography is the main focus for Sullivan, who obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree after attending UNB and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.

She's now driving across Canada taking photographs as she goes. In a cell phone call from the road,she said she finished school this spring and spent the summer in St. Andrews where she worked at Sweet Harvest Market. The calendar project was born, said Sullivan, when she took a picture of her room mate, who is a member of one of the featured bands, as he was sanding down his boat.

"He took his shirt off and I said this really makes a good shot, so we toyed with the idea of doing a calendar of the men of St. Andrews, then decided to do the local musicians.

"He helped me out with names and contact information, then we thought, "why don't we raise money for something, and the first thing that came tomind was the fight against LNG."

"Save Passamaquoddy Bay were very excited I was doing this, and I got their permission to use their logo. Once I get my money back, 100 per cent of the proceeds will be going to Save Passamaquoddy Bay.

"It was a super fun project for me to do and I got to meet some wonderful people and made some really good friends, and it helps me out with my photography. "

After she had taken the photographs, Sullivan said she went to Cathy Hogge at St. Croix Printing, who put the calendar together. Since she is now on the road she said a friend was distributing them this week. They are on sale for $15 at Sweet Harvest Market and the Kennedy Inn.

"I put my own money into this, so there were only 250 printed, but if there is good demand for them then we can probably have more printed. "

Sullivan grew up in Four Falls, near Grand Falls, and said she has always wanted to travel across Canada.

As she makes her way across the country she is freelancing with her photography.

She said she loves taking photographs of sports and culture, as well as live music shows, but thinks she will eventually get into portraits and would like to be a full-time photographer.

"Right now my plan is to go right across Canada and I don't have any final destination in mind. I have friends and family the entire way, and I am heading up north right now to visit my brother in Red Lake, northwest of Thunder Bay. It has been fantastic and a lot of fun so far."

Sullivan said she's not sure where she ll be for Christmas, but in January she is travelling to Istanbul and plans to return to Canada in March.


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