The Saint Croix Courier

St. Stephen, NB

2007 February 23

Threats of peaceful commerce anything but

By Dave Ganong

There are times I am amazed at how some people can be so successful regardless of their lack of ability to think rationally.

It has always amazed me that these people can seemingly glide through life and not get scratched in lieu of what they do, and then come out shining in the end. They learn to believe they are always right.

The comments of U.S. Senator Kevin L. Raye regarding Canada's position on LNG tankers' passage through Head Harbour Passage "as a serious challenge to US sovereignty" and that "every American should be concerned about the dangerous precedent it would establish for a foreign country to control access to our ports" are typical of a dog about to find the limits of its own leash.

Raye then goes on to make comments about us Canadians building an LNG terminal in Saint John and how the "powerful Irving group of companies" brought considerable influence shaping public opinion. Duh! CANADIAN INTERESTS IN CANADA BY CANADIANS!

And if this was not enough, Senator Raye suggests Canadian LNG should not be allowed to go through Maine via pipeline and that passage through US waters on the west coast could be affected.

I'm sorry, but I think people in Boston would like energy. Have you asked them about short supply? And by the way, we can sell it elsewhere. Not all roads lead to or through Maine.

Senator Raye is either oblivious to all the other communities along the eastern coast of the United States that have rejected these types of proposals in their back yard, or he simply wants attention hearing his name spoken. Must need to be re-elected soon.

If Canadians are threatening the sovereignty of the United States because of our position, then maybe those communities in the U.S. that rejected the LNG proposals which are needed for THEIR country's energy needs should be viewed as having committed treason.

It is too bad that an elected official sees fit to insult not only the people of Canada but also the people of Maine. This is nothing more than an attempt to incite feelings of patriotism by alienating Maine's neighbours to the north using bullish talk filled with suggestive consequences. These only hurt the people of the U.S. by limiting access to energy.

It is curious that Senator Raye did not mention the hydro energy that enters Maine destined for the New England states. Would he care to limit this form of energy as well?

These types of threats are anything but the "peaceful commerce" Canada and the U.S. have enjoyed for centuries as stated by Brian Smith, Project Manager of Quoddy Bay LLC. Innocent passage sure has another meaning at the border. The word passport comes to mind and in case this means nothing to some of our friends in Maine, you will need one to get back into the U.S. after visiting Canada. Somewhere along the line a pressurized LNG tanker became as safe as a potatoes boat. I think we, as Canadians, should be wary of a Senator who feels sovereignty means accessing ANY country's waters for convenience.

Dave Ganong,
Little Ridge


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