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St. Stephen, NB

2007 Aug 6

United they stand against LNG

Mass photo op sends clear message to gas developers


1000 people on Saint Anrews wharf

Barb Rayner/Courier
About 2,000 people crowded on to the St. Andrews wharf on Monday, New Brunswick Day, to show their opposition to any liquefied natural gas (LNG) developments in Passamaquoddy Bay. The event was organized by Save Passamaquoddy Bay/Canada to raise awareness and money for their fight against LNG.

ST. ANDREWS — Hundreds of people crowded on to the town wharf on New Brunswick Day to show their opposition to the three liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects proposed for Passamaquoddy Bay, and to take part in a mass photo.

While it was difficult to count just how many people were there, Margot Sackett and Mary Kane, two of the main organizers of this Save Passamaquoddy Bay/Canada event, estimated that there were well over 2,000 on the wharf.

They came not only from the town but from other parts of Charlotte County as well as Maine to answer Save Passamaquoddy Bay/Canada's call to "get in the picture," and lined up behind huge signs saying "LNG No Way" and "Save Our Bay".

Jeff Irving took aerial photos as Tim Foulkes flew his plane over the scene and the local cable channel filmed the event.

Mayor John Craig, who is vehement in his opposition to LNG, said town council has been strong, united and unwavering in the battle against LNG terminals being set up in Passamaquoddy Bay.

"We have everything to lose and nothing to gain. We owe it not only to ourselves but we owe it to other generations — the generation that came before us, that gave us this beautiful town and pristine bay, and the generations that come after us — our children and their children," Craig said.

"We are proud to be fighting this battle with all of you. I have no doubt in my mind that together we will win this fight."

Armed with a megaphone he spoke to the crowd gathered on the wharf and got them chanting "No LNG" as several waved their "No LNG" signs which can be seen displayed on a number of lawns in St. Andrews.

During the day there were also several fund raising events for SPB/Canada which included face painting at the Farmers' Market; the sale of hot dogs and other goodies at Sheriff Andrews House while the Valley Gospel Singers entertained; face painting, a children's craft, cake and punch with entertainment by Live Connection at the Ross Memorial Museum; and the sale of two paintings during a Tim Isaac auction at the Fairmont Algonquin.

At the end of the day the sale of the paintings plus the other events raised about $3,500 for SPB/Canada but Sackett said the object of the day was not so much fund raising as raising awareness about LNG.


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