The Quoddy Tides

Eastport, Maine

2007 February 23

Indian Township sets February 27 for LNG referendum

by Edward French

The Indian Township tribal government has scheduled a referendum vote on the liquefied natural gas (LNG) proposal at Split Rock, Pleasant Point, for Tuesday, February 27. Indian Township voters will be asked if they favor Indian Township entering into an agreement to share in the revenues of an LNG facility at Pleasant Point. Two community meetings that were scheduled to be held before the vote, to explain the agreement for sharing in the revenues, were both cancelled.

If the vote by Indian Township residents is in favor of the proposal, then Indian Township tribal councillors would be expected to sign a tax agreement that the Passamaquoddy Joint Tribal Council is being asked to sign by Quoddy Bay LNG. Last February, the joint tribal council had voted to turn down the tax agreement, with all of the Indian Township councillors voting against it.

Last month the Sipayik Tribal Council voted to offer Indian Township about 40% of the profits from a land lease with Quoddy Bay LNG, estimated to be about $12 million a year once the proposed terminal is operational, if the Indian Township councillors sign the tax agreement.


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