The Saint Croix Courier

St. Stephen, NB

2006 June 20

Concert raised over $1,300 towards fights against LNG


ST. ANDREWS — The recent Quoddy Jam Rock Against LNG (liquefied natural gas) raised over $1,300 in support of the fight against LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay.

Five local teenagers — Luke Macdonald, Ashley Crichton, Graham Stephenson, Tynan Dunfield and Catrina Haun — were the brains behind the event which brought seven bands and about 200 people to the W.C. O'Neill Arena Saturday, May 27. At last week's town council meet ing Councillor Kevin Kiley said the cost for security and other incidental items had cut into the organizers' financing and they requested a donation from the town to defray the cost of the rental of the arena for this event.

Council agreed to give $500 towards the expenses of the rock concert to pay for the rental of the arena with the funds coming from their LNG fund.

Mayor John Craig said a total of $1,350 was raised at the concert.

Councillor David Welch said this was a major issue facing the town, and these young people are paying attention because this is their future. He said it was great to see them raise money like that.

He said the fight against LNG is still ongoing and Safe Passamaquoddy Bay was recently incorporated on the Canadian side which makes three organizations working to make sure people in this area don't see their lifestyle change with LNG.

The CBC television show Land and Sea was in town three or four weeks ago, said Councillor Welch, to do some interviews both in St. Andrews and Deer Island. They will be airing that show during the third week in June.

Councillor Welch said both he and the mayor were interviewed for the program and the crew were taken out on a fishing vessel to survey Head Harbour so he thought the story would be well reported.


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