The Saint Croix Courier

St. Stephen, NB

2006 January 17

Pilot unhappy with pro-LNG letter


CAMPOBELLO — A veteran harbour pilot said he is not in favour of the building of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Mill Cove, near Robbinston, Me., despite the fact that his name appeared on a letter to Downeast LNG supporting the project.

"I don't support any LNG terminal anywhere," said Graham Savage, who has guided ships into area ports for the last 15 years.

Savage said he thought he was lending his support to a letter that would state the large LNG tankers could be moved safely in and out of the proposed terminal in Maine.

Instead, it came out as a letter of support for the project.

"I'm not in favour of any LNG terminals anywhere. I'm not supporting any LNG terminals at this time, probably at no time," stated Savage emphatically.

"I'm like everybody else. I don't want to see them built."

Last week, Downeast LNG issued a press release stating that it had received a letter of support from the Quoddy International Pilots Advisory Group (QIPAG).

In the letter attached to the press release, and signed by four pilot members, including Savage, the group stated it "can support your efforts in establishing an LNG terminal at Mill Cove," near Robbinston, Me.

The pilots' letter also stated, "after an extensive preliminary review, we can support the safe transit of LNG vessels to your proposed site, via Head Harbour Passage, Western Passage and Passamaquoddy Bay."

The letter offered the pilot group's assistance to help Downeast LNG with the additional work it would need to do to determine parameters for safe tanker transit, the location and orientation of the pier, the number and sizes of the tugs and escort vessels and the exclusion zones around the vessel during transit.

"As far as I'm concerned ships can come and go safely if it's done at the right time and tide," said Savage, who lives at Wilson's Beach facing the stretch of water through which the ships must sail.

"It can be done. We're bringing ships in pretty near that big to Bayside now."


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