The Quoddy Tides

Eastport, Maine

22 Sep 2006

Save the bay auction far exceeds goal

by Marie Jones Holmes

An "Auction for the Bay" sponsored by Save Passamaquoddy Bay U.S. has been hailed as a success. Over 60 artists and artisans contributed work for the September 6 evening event held at Blueberry Point in Robbinston. Auctioneer Kaja Veilleux of Thomaston Place Auction Galleries and his associate John Bottero volunteered their professional services. Earlier in the day the auctioneers held an appraisal session in Eastport for area residents. The auctioneers noted there was a great response from area residents, and many interesting items were seen. The response to the morning appraisal session surpassed a similar appraisal session held a few days earlier in Bar Harbor.

Articles at the auction included oils, watercolors, sculpture, birchbark frames and other items. An eagle medallion from the Pittston Oil fight in the 1970s, contributed by the Friends of Eastport, attracted numerous bids. Another piece that was a crowd pleaser was a large First National Bank sign created by Elliot Fishbein.

An array of food and beverages was donated for the event. Bidding was creatively achieved by hoisting whale bid paddles created by John Knapp. Violin and cello music was provided by Emmy Hurd and Seymour Bienstock. Also performing were the Balkanistas. Visitors to the event were welcomed by Georgiana Kendall at the entrance in pirate attire, followed by a musical welcome by bagpiper Kara McCrimmon.

Two hours of bidding ended as a full moon rose over the bay. The event was coordinated by Audrey Patterson, Suzanne Crawford and Dianna Christakos. "I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the entire event. It was a magical experience and the type of event the bay deserves," stated Crawford.

The goal for the event was $10,000, and proceeds to date have far exceeded the goal.


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Article republished on Save Passamaquoddy Bay website with permission.