The Quoddy Tides

Eastport, Maine

10 November 2006

Perry approves recall ordinance
and gift from Quoddy Bay LNG

After months of debate, Perry voters had the chance to decide two questions posed on the November 7 ballot: whether to enact a recall ordinance and whether to accept a conditional gift of $18,000 from Quoddy Bay LNG to reimburse the town's legal expenses associated with the proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) proposal and to authorize the selectmen to accept such additional amounts as may be received from Quoddy Bay LNG for the same purpose. The recall ordinance passed by an 11-vote margin. Of the 409 votes cast, 208 favored enacting the ordinance and 197 were opposed. By a larger margin, voters also approved accepting the conditional gift, with 238 votes in favor and 167 opposed. Four ballots were left blank on both questions.

These questions had been the subject of an October 23 hearing attended by 35 people, which was the culmination of months of public debate. The recall question began on June 8 when four Perry residents met at the town clerk's office with a petition carrying 141 Perry voters' signatures to call a special town meeting to enact a recall ordinance. At selectmen meetings in July, the validity of signatures on the petition was questioned, but the petition was accepted, upon a finding that the minimum requirements to place the question on the ballot were met. Also in July it was proposed that the town accept reimbursement from Quoddy Bay LNG for legal fees incurred in association with the LNG proposal.

Following the November 7 election, a special town meeting was held the next day to hear the results of the two ballot questions. About 10 people listened as the results were read by moderator Arlo Smith.


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