The Quoddy Tides

Eastport, Maine

2006 June 23

Downeast LNG Robbinston studies proceed

by Marie Jones Holmes

Downeast LNG, a Washington-based company that announced in July of last year plans to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Mill Cove in Robbinston, continues to conduct environmental and engineering studies. Dean Girdis, president of Downeast LNG, says that Downeast LNG and the Town of Robbinston are finalizing the proposed legal agreement between Downeast LNG and the town. "The terms and conditions of the proposed agreement that were previously agreed upon by both parties remain unchanged. We expect to have the final legal draft complete by the end of June."

The company has also initiated detailed engineering work for the project's pipeline lateral extension to the Maritimes & Northeast natural gas distribution system and Baileyville compressor station. This engineering includes making plans to maximize the placement of the pipeline in areas where there will be the least impact, such as alongside roadways and existing pipeline rights-of-ways, as well as avoiding personal property areas such as home sites and yards. Other engineering studies under way include rainfall run-off control, site topography, air quality engineering, safety systems, berth availability and pier design.

According to the Downeast LNG newsletter, the company has conducted environmental studies at a very detailed level and continues to do so. A review of seismic conditions on site indicates there are no problems. Archaeology studies indicate there is nothing significant on the construction site. Marine geotechnical borings for the pier will be underway soon, and the barge for the studies should be visible in the water soon. Noise surveys are under way at this time.

Robbinston resident Cathy Footer was recently hired as project assistant and community coordinator for Downeast LNG. Footer can be reached at the company's office in Robbinston.


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