The Quoddy Tides

Eastport, Maine

2006 January 13

LNG company purchases Perry properties

by Marie Jones Holmes

Quoddy Bay LLC has closed on the purchase of at least two properties in Perry that will be used for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tank facility to be located between the Old Eastport Road and Cannon Hill Road. Quoddy Bay Project Manager Brian Smith would not disclose the names of the property owners but did say the sale involved more than one property owner.

The Quoddy Bay project is made up of four components: a two-berth pier and platform in Passamaquoddy Bay where LNG tankers will unload LNG; the Split Rock support facility, including such infrastructure as a metering station and a power generator; and a regasification facility in Perry, housing three 160,000-cubic meter storage tanks on approximately 170 acres.

Smith says payment of the land for the tank storage facility will be made in various stages as the project progresses. An initial payment has already been made to the property owners.

In another real estate transaction, Quoddy Bay LLC has a sales agreement to purchase the former Lobster Crate restaurant from owners Shaun and Melissa Small. Smith says the closing on the property located on Route 190 in Perry will take place around January 20. The Smalls have confirmed that they have entered into a sales agreement with Quoddy Bay LLC. The company will use the Lobster Crate property as an office.


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