The Saint Croix Courier

St. Stephen, NB

2005 September 20

PM gets LNG invite


ST. ANDREWS — Following his comments at this month’s town council meeting Mayor John Craig has sent a personal invitation to the prime minister to visit the town to see for himself how the proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) developments in Maine would affect St. Andrews.

As first reported in the Courier Weekend Sept. 9, the mayor wants Paul Martin to issue a statement that Head Harbour Passage is Canadian and that no LNG supertankers will be allowed to pass through this area.

To date, three companies are looking at Passamaquoddy Bay as a site for LNG terminals — Quoddy Bay LLC, Downeast LNG, and BP Consulting LLC.

In his letter, the mayor is asking Martin for his assistance in the town’s efforts to preserve the community’s way of life in this great country of Canada.

“Directly and indirectly our area’s economy is sustained by the visitors who come here to enjoy our natural and pristine coastline. The economy and quality of life of the citizens of the town of St. Andrews is under threat of being placed into chaos overnight.

“The town of St. Andrews is located on Passamaquoddy Bay, one of the most significant marine habitats in the country.

“This delicately balanced environment has been targeted by U.S. companies with plans to develop multiple liquid natural gas terminals.

“These companies come from the Midwest U.S., promising miracle growth to the economically depressed Maine costal communities if they are allowed to set up shop in their backyards.”

Mayor Craig goes on to point out that he is sure the prime minister is well aware of the history of Head Harbour Passage and the impracticality of trying to bring such large vessels through this Canadian channel.

“This risk has not been taken into consideration by the U.S. developers. Even if it were possible to navigate this narrow passage, the environmental risks and the negative impact from the industrialization of Passamaquoddy Bay on its Canadian communities would be irreversible.”

Many of the country’s great prime ministers have visited St. Andrews, notes Mayor Craig, either to enjoy the town’s hospitality while on vacation or, in some cases, to meet with their colleagues to make decisions that changed the course of the country’s history.

“Prime Ministers Pierre Elliot Trudeau, John Turner, and Lester B. Pearson all were guests in our town.

“As mayor, I would like to personally invite you, Mr. Prime Minister, as well as your family, to visit with us here in beautiful St. Andrews by-the-Sea.

“We would welcome the opportunity for you to experience the ambience of the Fairmont Algonquin resort, the excitement of watching a right whale breaching or a leisurely game of golf on one of the most picturesque coastal courses in Canada.”

The mayor concludes his letter by noting that he realizes the prime minister has a very hectic schedule, but if he could accommodate their request in the near future, it would be greatly appreciated.


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