A Save Passamaquoddy Bay Hero Needs Our Support

Nulankeyutomonen Nkihtahkomikumon (We Take Care of Our Land) flag designed by David Moses Bridges)

David Moses BridgesDavid Moses Bridges
David Moses Bridges,
nationally respected master canoe builder and Passamaquoddy traditional artist, is having to fight a battle with cancer.

This extraordinary man has been one of our strongest voices and greatest warriors protecting Passamaquoddy Bay. He is a respected elder among his people, a precious son, brother, and friend, a loving husband to Patricia, and a dedicated role model and teacher to his three sons, Tobias, Sabattus, and Natanis.

David is scheduled for surgery this Wednesday, April 10th at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital in Boston. The surgery to his nasal cavity will require some reconstruction and will prevent him from reading or speaking for several months. Radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy may be required for about a six months. Happily, the physicians leading his healing believe he will have a complete recovery.

David will be unable to work during this time -- the busiest seasons for creating his birch bark treasures and teaching about his work across the country. While most of his direct health care is covered, indirect costs, travel, lodging, and living expenses will be demanding. This is were we all can support David and his family.

Let's all think of April 10th as ‘David Moses Bridges Day,’ and from sunrise to sunset send our love and prayers, best wishes and focused good energy to David.

Please also share anything you can that day, and into the future, to insure David and his family will be free of all financial concerns during his healing time.

The DMB Fund

Passamaquoddy design on a David Moses Bridges birchbark canoe
David's brother, Darel Gabriel Bridges, has created The DMB Fund. Contributions of support may be mailed to:
The DMB Fund
1 Higgins Terrace
Bar Harbor, ME
USA 04609

Your support can also be sent online via credit card or PayPal account.


Passamaquoddy design in a thwart of a David Moses Bridges birchbark canoeDarel has also set up a wonderful Facebook page for David and his family where you can find updates, view images, and can send best wishes. Patricia will share your messages with David and family.

"Like" Darel's DMB Fund Facebook page to be added to the mailing list about David Moses Bridges' recovery.


Youtube Video

Watch the Youtube video of David Moses Bridges, Part 1 about birchbark canoe building and Passamaquoddy life, presented by the Damariscotta River Association, and produced by Paul Duffy of Waldoboro for Lincoln County Television.

Watch Video, Part 2.

Join In Support

Please join in supporting David and his family, making sure David's faith, strength, and energy are dedicated totally to his healing.

Looking the length of the inside of a David Moses Bridges birchbark canoe 
We ask for blessings on David,

Linda Godfrey, Coordinator,
Save Passamaquoddy Bay


Both photographs of David Moses Bridges were made at events where David spoke in support of saving Passamaquoddy Bay from LNG development.
Nulankeyutomonen Nkihtahkomikumon fish emblem at top of page, and canoe were created by David Moses Bridges.